Resurrection for our world
April 13, 2009
Fr. Pat Casey, St. John’s Catholic Church, Darwin
We recently had a very great celebration in our Christian churches – the feast of Easter.

We have celebrated the fact that our Lord, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead. He faced up to the powers of darkness, envy, and jealousy in this world, and paid the price to overcome it. He came to new life.

We have many occasions of darkness in our world today.

Our economy has buckled under the weight of profit-taking when it is supposed to be a system of sharing goods and services for the needs people have in order to live.

The quality and quantity of our natural resources, including air and water, are in danger of not being able to support life on our planet because of our misuse and mismanagement.

The political strength of our country has lessened as we have used our ideas and ways on others who have ideas and ways different from our own.

We love knowing everything going on in all parts of the world, but we are uncomfortable when others expect to live in our neighborhood.

With the success we have experienced, we have power and prestige which sometimes has led us to be bossy and intolerant in our dealings with countries and continents.

The way we have been doing business has not been benefiting our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world – and the world is for all of us. We have to pay the price for advantage and dominance, which has sometimes been used with insensitivity and arrogance.

We have a lot of things out of balance. These things can self-destruct and be lost, or we can take stock, accept, acknowledge and respect people and ideas different from our own, working together with all other people to construct, build, reformulate, revision, and reconstruct to have a society, world-wide, that works.

To do this, we have to change. We have to put aside answers to questions that are no longer being asked, we have to evaluate values and principles that used to be building blocks and stepping stones, but have become barriers and boundaries, leaving us in our own little ghetto; we have to learn new languages, new customs, new technologies being used around us, not just in our country, but in our world.

We need to die and rise up again. We need to be in God’s kingdom.

God created creation. We manage creation. When we forget this, we mess things up.

To get things going right, we all have to pitch in, and each has a part to do.

Happy Resurrection!