Two purposes
June 29, 2009
by Pastor Billy Wallace, Dassel Church of Christ

It’s amazing what you can learn when you aren’t even trying to.

A few weeks ago, I took some of our youth to a youth rally in the Twin Cities. Mark Cahill, a well-known author and speaker, was the keynote speaker for the rally.

Now, let me remind you, I took these young people because I thought they needed to hear his message. What God said to me was, “You really need this message.

Cahill’s message was based upon the two purposes he believes all Christians have: to make God known, and to make God look good.

As I sat there and digested what he said, I realized that he was right. We have been called to share our faith and to live lives that glorify God.

I want to send an encouraging and challenging message to my Christian friends out there reading this: let’s get back to what Jesus intended for us to do, and let’s simplify our lives.

Cahill said that every day, he walks to the threshold of his house, and before he steps outside, he prays this to God: “Help me make you known today and help me make you look good today.”

What if you and I also did that every day? What if instead of rushing out the door with coffee splashing out of our mugs, we just paused and prayed that little prayer?

How many more people would know about the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ?

How many more people would realize that there’s hope for them?

How many more lives would be influenced for the cause of Christ just by saying that little five-second prayer every morning?

There’s a lot of negative news out there about Christianity. When the media presents the latest story of a man who blows up an abortion clinic or shoots an abortion doctor, Christians get a bad rap.

Well, maybe if the true Christians out there would make a little more positive news, the rap wouldn’t be so bad.

Maybe if I made a little more of a positive splash in my corner of the world, things would be different.

Christians, let’s rise up and boldly live to make Jesus known, and make Him look good.