In the secret place
July 27, 2009
by Pastor Mike Newsom, Lamson Ev. Free Church, Dassel

The normal Christian life is one with a devotion to prayer.

We make a mistake when all we are concerned about is the answer to prayer. When we spend real time in deep prayer, we are engaged in an intimate fellowship with our great God.

Most Christians know that prayer is important, and there are few who do not already feel guilty whenever the topic of prayer is brought up. Most will say, “Yes, I pray,” but few will say that they are satisfied with their prayer life. Prayer is one of the most challenging areas of the Christian life.

When we attempt to enter into deep prayer, we are confronted with a swirling wall that separates us from it. That wall is a wall of thoughts; errands that we need to do and work schedules. Instead of thinking of God, our mind is filled with mundane preoccupations; is today recycling – or is that next week?; where are my brown socks?; how can I fix that broken thing in the bathroom?’ do I have enough eggs to make brownies?

How do we get through that wall of thoughts?

It seems like a wall that you can’t get through, over, under, or around. If you try to overcome it by the power of your own human effort, you will wear out and give up.

One of the most important revelations of the Christian faith is that apart from Him, we can do nothing. We pray because it is only through God’s gracious goodness that we have anything good at all. We understand that He is the source of all things, but somehow we think that we get to Him through our own strength in prayer.

The way through the wall is by His gracious strength. We need to come to God, asking, seeking, knocking, and not leaving until He lets us into that quiet place of prayer.

Behind that wall is the secret place of God. It is a place where you can be alone with Him, a place where all the noise of our thoughts is quieted.

As we hit that five-minute wall, everything cries out to drive our soul away. But when, by His grace, we are able to break through, we come into the secret place with Him – and we do not want to leave.