Missing the mark
September 7, 2009
by Rev. Keith Carlson, Evangelical Covenant Church, Dassel

In April of 2003, over one million British television viewers were shocked as they watched professional knife thrower Jayde Hanson “nick” the head of his female assistant. A spokesman for the live television show commented, “You don’t really expect that kind of thing from a world record-holder.”

The 23-year-old Hanson began his career by throwing his mother’s kitchen knives when he was 10.

He had been attempting to repeat the pace of his world record-breaking effort of 120 knives thrown in two minutes. “In 11 years of performing, I’ve only hit my assistant on five occasions,” he told a newspaper recently.

Like Hanson, no matter how much we strive for perfection, we, too, will miss the mark. Even the Apostle Paul admitted this when he said, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do.” (Romans 7:15)

There is a sin nature within us that always keeps us from attaining the life we desire to live for Jesus. Try as we might, we are not perfect or infallible.

Many Christians are tortured by feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt, and inadequacy. They think they are not good enough for God, and that by trying harder, they can make God love them more.

No matter how much we work, or how perfect we strive to be, just like Jayde Hanson and the Apostle Paul, we do miss the mark. Yet, I have some great news for everyone who has put their trust in Jesus.

It is simply this: we do not have to live anxiously wondering if we have been good enough. We can live with confidence, knowing that we are forgiven for our sin, loved in our weakness, saved by His mercy, destined for fellowship with God – all because we are supremely valued by God.

It is not because of what we have done that we can have such confidence, but because of what Jesus has done for us. He never misses the mark!