Christmas spaghetti dinner at Dassel Church of Christ Friday
December 7, 2009
Pastor Billy Wallace, Dassel Church of Christ

When I first came to Dassel to pastor the Church of Christ, I did two things: I really tried hard to connect and visit with the people of the church, and I tried to find out how much community outreach the church had.

I think that I’ve been a little ahead of myself at times in ministry. I’ve put achieving goals and administering change I thought was needed ahead of relationships. I determined to not do this with this church.

I arrived in September of 2008, so Christmas was right around the corner.

I thought about how we could impact people in our community. I did not want to do a traditional Christmas program, which just reached out to our church people. I wanted us to do something that would reach and help other people.

Christmas is either a wonderful time or a terrible time. It’s a wonderful time if you have all that you need, and if you can provide a nice meal and gifts for your children. But if you are struggling and can’t afford to do some of the things you’d like to do, it can be a very difficult time.

At Dassel Church of Christ, we discovered that we could do a couple of things.

First, we could have a free meal for our community.

We figured out a simple, easy, and cheap meal – spaghetti. We got all of the food for the spaghetti donated (we appreciate the generosity of Dan and Becky’s Market and French Lake Butcher Shop).

And second, we could sponsor some families for Christmas.

We asked community businesses to help us purchase Christmas gifts for three or four families in the Dassel-Cokato area. We got a great response. We were not only able to fill all the wish lists of three families, one a family of seven, but we were also able to purchase gas cards for each of these families.

It was a great time for our church, and we knew that we had done something positive. We don’t even know who the families were, but we know that God used us and the people of Dassel-Cokato to bless them.

At the Dassel Church of Christ, we are once again doing our Christmas With Dignity Spaghetti Dinner Friday, Dec. 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It’s free of charge. Many people feel that they want to give, so we do allow donations. If you choose to donate, please know that all of the donations go to the Christmas With Dignity Outreach. This is not a fundraiser for our church in any way.

As Christmas gets closer and closer, seek out ways to be a blessing to someone else. Maybe you can pay for the meal of the person behind you in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Maybe you can drop off some gifts to a family that you know is struggling and would never ask for help.

Maybe you can do something as simple as giving up a good parking spot to someone at Walmart.