A unity of purpose

March 9, 2009

by Rev. Lee Hallstrom, Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Delano

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together, we can do great things!”

Mother Teresa

One of my favorite experiences each month happens on the third Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. During this time, we, as pastors in the Delano area, are invited to gather together for our monthly ministerial meeting.

I try never to miss this opportunity because it’s a good example of Christians coming together. Jesus prayed that his followers would be one, even as he and God, the Father are one.

We need to keep in mind that our Lord’s desire for unity does not call us to uniformity – that we all need to think the same way or worship in the same manner. Rather, Christ’s call is to a unity of purpose. In spite of our many differences, we are called to the common purpose of loving and serving God and others.

It seems to me that we live in a culture which needs people of faith to expound more on the things that we have in common, rather than on our differences.

Each month as I attend the Delano clergy gathering, I’m reminded that it’s not about any one of us. It’s about all of us!

We all share the same God and the same common purpose. We all have the same basic needs – to be loved, accepted, and to belong.

We need God and God has given us a need for each other – even with our differences. If we, as people of faith, can’t come together as sisters and brothers in Christ, how can we expect the world to come together?

I appreciate the partnership that I have with my colleagues in the Delano area and I hope all of us appreciate the partnership that we share as various denominations in this community.

I hope and pray that we can find even more ways to value and appreciate each other and what God is doing in our communities of faith. It’s not alone that we can do great things – it’s together!