Counting our blessings
November 16, 2009
by Pastor Lee Hallstrom, Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Delano

In the Hebrew faith, on the evening of the Sabbath (Friday night), after a couple of overflowing glasses of wine to symbolize the riches of God’s blessings in their lives, the husband/father tells his wife and children what a blessing they are to him. This happens every single week.

When was the last time you took a moment to tell the people closest to you what a blessing they are, naming specific examples of how they enrich your life? Can you see how such a practice would force all of us to see the cup as half-full, instead of half-empty?

Can you see how such a practice would force us to focus on the riches, benefits, gifts and blessings we have in life, instead of wallowing in resentment over what we might lack?

Each of us is blessed beyond measure. Each of our lives is filled with goodness and grace. Sure, we all experience difficulties and struggles, but we could easily number the bad things in our lives, while coming nowhere close to accounting for all of the good things in our lives.

The simple practice of telling those around you how they have blessed you each week is a very good way to live as joyful, thankful people.

When we live focused on the blessings and identifying the abundance in our lives, it is much easier to be generous and to use what we have for God’s mission in the world. What we then find is that the generosity feeds the joy and thankfulness, resulting in greater generosity. This cycle perpetuates itself, creating even other fruits such as peace, hope, faith, compassion, mercy and grace.

We all are blessed! Spend some time pondering this. What are the blessings in your life?

Begin to identify them. Tell those closest to you how they have blessed you. Make this a habit that you practice at least once each week – perhaps it could become a part of your regular Sabbath routine.

Let counting your blessings become an ordinary part of your spiritual practice, and be filled up with joy, hope, and peace.

May all joy be yours in believing!