Reminders within our day

March 9, 2009

by Pam Fiecke

March has been known to many as being the month of weather transition. Our weather somewhat resembles a yo-yo on an everyday basis.

One day it’s snowing, then it’s icy with blowing snow, then it’s cold, then it’s raining, then the sun comes out to melt all that was poured down upon us.

Some may question, “Will it go out like a lion or like a lamb?” Back and forth the weather goes. Daylight savings time begins, time to reset the clocks.

We may become a little distressed by all of the weather and time changes. We keep telling ourselves, “In a few more months summer will be back, the weather will be warmer and the grass will be green.” These little talks, thoughts, and reminders we have with ourselves keeps our attitude afloat while we wait for better weather to come.

Then we may question, “What happens after summer comes?” “What keeps our attitude afloat on our not-so-good days?” We may ponder over that question.

There once was a lady who had her own idea of maintaining a good attitude, making herself beautiful and pleasing to those around her.

Everyday she looked into a mirror and thought, “What can I do to make the outside of me look beautiful?”

She had a shelf in her own personal bathroom filled with many beauty products.

She had within her everyday reach mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and lip sticks of many shades and colors; a finger-nail clippers, file, and polish of many shades and colors; shampoo, conditioner, combs and brushes, hair dryer, curlers and curling iron; powders, lotions, cleansing products, and perfumes in assortment of smells.

She dressed in fashion. Yes, she looked beautiful on the outside daily.

On another wall, she had an idea of what she wanted to do to make herself feel beautiful on the inside.

Her reminders weren’t posted notes of what time and what place she needed to be, a grocery list, hair appointment, shopping, automotive needs, or even a beautiful picture.

She had paper clippings of reminders of how to maintain a healthy attitude, while becoming a better person on the inside on a daily basis to others; to be that pleasant person, how to control her actions, speak well of others, walk away from gossip, to be respectful, lend encouragement, and uplift others around her.

She asked for help, not from others but, from God himself; to make her a pleasant person to be around, an inspiration, and example. Another clipping said, “To live for the day, not for the past or for the future. To live for that specific day and be and do all she could do in each moment and tick on the hands of the clock.”

Another clipping said, “What can I do to help others? To be kind, gentle, listening ear, shoulder to lean on, help with my hands, feet, and voice.”

The last clipping said, “That she be herself, the person God intended her to be. To walk away from dishonesty, but to stand in honesty. To uncover lies and speak the truth. To not become less of a person but, to be a whole person.”

Most would agree that when she looked in the mirror, she had the face of Jesus. When she shut the bathroom light off to go about her day, she lived her reminders. She became that great role model and example to others daily . . . she succeeded.