Community events pull people together
May 18, 2009
by Pam Fiecke

Just recently, I attended several area community functions that I had never attended before.

Being involved with many organizations myself, it was a complete honor to see what other committees had dreamed up for ideas.

All the organizing and planning, and then comes the final hustle and bustle of hosting the event, which is the true test of their hard efforts.

When meeting again, after their event has been completed, those committee members will know what worked and what will need a little tending to.

I was absolutely amazed with what I saw and heard. They all did a wonderful job of hosting their event. For some reason, this one particular event pulled at my heart strings, sending a miraculous message.

For this event, I was personally confronted ahead of time by some acquaintances. I was told by them to attend their event. There were no exceptions.

They even bought my ticket and came to me and placed the ticket in my hand. I was shocked.

I finally saw the importance of their wanting me to attend their event and excepted the invitation.

The amazing part is, I didn’t even know what I was attending. The couple just said to me, “Come at this specific time, you will enjoy the evening and you will learn by it.”

I therefore canceled my own plans to attend something I had very little knowledge about. My curiosity was getting the best of me.

I was devastated as my ticket seated me at a round table in front view of the event, itself. I then discovered I was at the table where some of the committee members were sitting, including the hostess.

They made me feel very welcome and comfortable being with them. We had great conversation.

This event was in its third year.

By the end of the evening, I was completely astounded and speechless. It was an amazing breath taking night, excellently hosted.

There was no doubt in my mind that the night touched the heart and soul of everyone there. There were smiles, people were excited, and they wanted to bring their friends to it next year. I do, too.

My next discovery was, this event is designed to be passed on and to be hosted to others in each attendee’s own community.

There’s always a message to be learned when your heart – strings are being pulled, and the pulling brings people together for the good of mankind.

For the most part, I believe . . . “A grain of sand does not make a beach. A drop of water does not make an ocean.

“Yet, when all of the many grains of sand come together, and when all the billions of drops of water unite as one, a beautiful beach appears and a magnificent ocean is revealed.”

Many of these events revealed signs of joy and friendship and organizational, and communication, human relations skills were respectfully being displayed.

It’s most interesting to go to these events and see how a function can bring out the best in the ones running the event, and yet also bring out the best to those who attend and learn by attending.