Traveling together in unity
June 15, 2009
by Pam Fiecke

During the summer months, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a lawn chair or bleachers, gathered together with friends, family, and bystanders to take in a game of softball.

The softball team consists of many players, each having a valuable position in the game.

We’re all excited when the ball flies over the fence or someone makes a home run. Then, we become a little distressed when someone misses a high fly ball in the air, or tries to steal a base.

The umpire may yell, “You’re out!” or “You’re safe!” Everything about the game is determined upon how each player reacts to the opposing team’s strategic maneuvers within each play.

Nobody is the whole team. Each one is a player. But take away one player and the game is forfeited. That is why we have extra players on the bench to fill those given needs.

Nobody is a whole orchestra.

Each one is a musician. But take away one musician and the symphony is incomplete.

We have similarities to a chain. Each one of us is a link. But take away one link and the chain is broken.

In other words, we need each other. You need someone and someone needs you in your everyday walk.

To make this thing called life work, we gotta, yes, we gotta, lean and support. Relate and respond. Give and take. Confess and forgive. Reach out and embrace. Release and rely upon.

Isolated islands we’re not. There’s no “I” in the word team. We have all been designed to play that important part that has been blessed upon each and every one of us.

We make the world a unique and special place when we travel that winding, uneven, unpaved, dusty road together in unity.