Children are the essence of life
July 20, 2009
by Pam Fiecke

It’s without question or doubt that most of us love children. We love to watch their expressions, listen to their many questions, and chuckle over their many answers.

We’re touched by the way they walk, their hand movements, their smile, the tears that come when something’s not quite right, or the sparkle in their eyes when something’s excited them.

What a boring and dull world this would be without children! Just think, there would be no need for lollipops, cotton candy, or licorice.

Amusement parks with carousels would be obsolete. Ponies would be out of work. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny would have to retire.

Who would care if a baby robin fell out of its nest?

Infectious giggles would never be heard, and “peek-a-boo” would disappear from the English language. If there were no children, who would make grandparents smile?

Who would play pat-a-cake, and who would try to whistle with crackers in his/her mouth? Balloons would never pop, milk would rarely spill, and sticky hands from chocolate bars would be a thing of the past.

Without children there would be no use for toy trains, dolls that walk and talk, tricycles, swing sets, or kites to fly as high as the billowy clouds.

The plastic farm animals would never go, “oink, moo, meow, or bah.” Little frilly hairpieces and necklaces would remain in the jewelry box, untouched.

We would be without the many who, what, where, when, how come questions.

Just recently, my little grandchild, Joshua, at the age of 5, was playing badminton with his father, Jason, my son. The two were having a most joyous time together.

In time, Joshua decided it was time to do something else. He then grabbed the garden hose, turned on the water, and began spraying the water in the air.

After awhile, Jason noticed that his lawn was getting drenched. He went up to Joshua and asked him, “What are you doing? Turn off the water.”

Joshua, without hesitation, explained, “I’m spraying the water all over everywhere and waiting for the rainbow to come out.”

Jason explained to Joshua that he would have to wait until it rained. He then promised him that he would then show him the rainbow.

Joshua was trying to create a rainbow, a glimmer of brightness, multi-colored with hope within his day. In his little mind and world, he knew no different.

In time, Jason will show him the rainbow and all its many colors. All in all, life would not be the same without children.

Let’s face it, children are the closest thing to heaven and the essence of life. They are a gift, they are a joy and love personified.