September kindness

September 21, 2009

by Pam Fiecke

The month of September is the start of autumn - one of our greatest pleasures.

The air is freshest in autumn. The temperature drops a few degrees, end hot blazing sun of summer and usher coolness.

The leaves begin to turn dark red, orange, and yellow. It’s the first sign of wanting to pull on a sweater and shut the windows.

The leaves crunch beneath our sneakers as we go for a walk viewing God’s creative handiwork.

We breathe in the fall fragrance, a savory mixture of wood smoke and coolness.

It’s a time for harvesting from the seeds planted in spring. The gardens, grape vines and fruit trees are plentiful. It’s time for preparing and preserving the fruits of summer. Fall is the time when we’re rewarded for the hard work of spring and summer.

The lavender, yellow, and white mums cluster together, and the purple pansies grin up at the brilliant orange marigolds. Their spicy smell attracts us as much as their vivid colors.

September is the month for state and county fairs, and it’s the kickoff for the football season.

The children are well equipped with school supplies, new clothes, trendy shoes, money in hand for a lunch ticket, headed back to school.

You can listen to the call of the Canadian geese as they fly in V-formation overhead, searching for a warmer climate.

The squirrels are running here and there gathering nuts to store away for the long winter ahead.

The woods are thinner this time of the year. If you watch the water flowing through any creek, you may catch a glimpse of red and yellow leaves floating by.

As we pause for a moment to soak up the beauty God has given us, our heart is overflowing with joy and our minds drift to thoughts about how nature relaxes the inner soul of every human being.