Making a u-turn in life

October 5, 2009

by Pam Fiecke

A few years, ago we bought our first Global Positioning System or GPS. The GPS has a female voice that sends a verbal message to the driver of where to turn and where to drive.

We’ll call our GPS “Annie” just for today.

We programmed our destination into the GPS, and Annie did her job and plotted our course.

Then we sat back. Having put our trust in this little navigator, we let her direct us.

“Turn right 1 1/2 miles, go .4 miles turn left, go .11 miles go to the right, at the intersection take a left.” Annie said confidently. She was right. Annie is always right.

In fact, when we made a wrong turn, she got a bit insistent, “Please make a U-turn . . . Please make a U-turn at your earliest convenience!” Annie had calculated a route for us, but we had gone a different way. That was our way to test out the system. Once again, Annie was right and got us back on track.

If we would have continued we would have been lost, and our trip to our destination would have brought much frustration into our day.

We have all gotten lost at some time while driving. We instantly become filled with fear and scared. What direction are we to go? Everything becomes mind boggling and frustration sets in.

The GPS guides our every step and calms those unwanted fears.

We, as humans, have the tendency to go astray, that is why we need spiritual guidance. No matter how far you’ve traveled in the wrong direction, it’s not to late too make that U-turn in life. That’s a comforting thought for the day!