The tree house

October 19, 2009

by Pam Fiecke

This time of the year we are in the midst of cooler weather and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

The leaves are most often colors of orange, brown, yellow, red, and purple. Some of the leaves are crisp and slowly making their way to the ground.

Then, there’s the pine tree, made of nature’s pine scent green and never changes. In resemblance to God’s love for us, that is our never changing God.

Most of us like to inhale and absorb the fresh, cool air on a fall day. The sun shinning bright, giving us that ray of beauty, comfort, and warmth from within.

Just recently, we were blessed with one of those days you just couldn’t stay indoors. We had this urge to get out and explore, take in nature’s beauty and country fresh air.

Driving along, we saw a three-tier small square, rectangular building. It had windows on all sides of it and the siding was of distinctive colors that gave it a beautiful appearance.

It caught your attention and curiosity. One person commented, “There’s a tree inside that building. Someone built a structure around a tree.” My thoughts were, “What’s so important about having a tree enclosed?” I was puzzled.

Driving on, we became curious . . . “Hey, getting back to that rectangular, three-tier building, why would someone enclose a tree?”

The person replied, “There was a little boy who was 12 years in age. He often said to his father, when are you going to build me a tree house? when you going to build me a tree house? He wanted his father to build him a tree house, that was his plea, that’s all he wanted from his father.”

We questioned, “So, he built a building around the tree so he could play in it on rainy, bad weather days?”

The person said, “the father only built a structure around the tree.”

“One day, the little boy was biking and he got hit by a vehicle and died. The father never did build the tree house, for his son’s life was shortened. He did, however, build a structure around the tree. He put lights in it that pointed to the sky. The little boy can now play in his tree house, but in the tree house of heaven.”

It’s amazing to hear and see how other people wrap their own heart-wrenching stories around an experience in life and redirect that story back to our Creator. What a learning experience and a day of adventure all tucked and enclosed in a special design to share with others.