No one ever envisioned

December 21, 2009

by Pam Fiecke

Christmas is a gala occasion, a festive time, a time of expressing our love to dear ones, family, and friends.

Many people will be traveling during the holiday season, some by planes through the skyways, others by cars over super highways.

Many years ago the wise men made a journey, but not in today’s modern mode of travel. Their slow and tedious journey was made on camel back.

One night they saw a special star in the sky, indicating the birth of a new king. This had been foretold in the Scriptures. They decided to go and search of Him.

They inquired in Jerusalem where they might find Him. The scribes were well versed in the Scripture and informed them.

The search of the wise men ended when they found baby Jesus and bowed in His presence.

In today’s society the question remains, “Are we like the scribes? Or are we like the wise men?”

Although the scribes knew the Scriptures, telling where Jesus was to be born, for this was written by the prophet, they had not sought Him out. The wise men were not satisfied until they found Him. The baby Jesus laid in a manger filled with hay. Many surrounded Him to see this Prince of Peace.

No one ever envisioned, as Mary cradled Him in her arms, that one day He would walk on water or that the baby boy would save our sons and daughters. Or that the baby boy would give sight to a blind man and the lame would leap or that he would calm a storm with His hand. No one ever envisioned the baby boy would be the Lord of all creation and would rule the nations. No one ever knew He would be heaven’s perfect lamb.

The sleeping child Mary cradled in her arms while Joseph held the lantern, in wonder of such a perfect gift given to them for all of us, to dwell in us . . . that He might live His life through us. No one ever envisioned.