The Wii does my arm in

February 9, 2009

by Aaron Schultz

It was Christmas in February for me this past week as I was able to finally enjoy my present.

OK, let’s back up a little and get you all caught up.

For Christmas this year, my wife (Jody) and I decided that instead of getting each other presents for the holidays, we’d just purchase a Wii game system for both of us.

And no, I wasn’t the one that suggested the idea, but I am pretty sure I was the more excited of the two of us about the notion.

No fighting the crowds in the mall the days before Christmas looking for something for my new wife – how could I not be excited about that?

Plus, it was something that every young boy wanted – a Wii.

Sure, I’m not a young boy anymore, and I’m barely young at heart, but I still do love my video games, and the chance to finally get a Wii was very exciting.

Of course, for Jody to bring up the idea I knew there had to be something in it for her since I have never seen her play video games in my life.

Sure enough, it was the new Wii Fit game that allowed you to work out at home that was the selling point for Jody.

With our plans now agreed upon, the only problem that I could see would be us fighting over the use of our new game system – Jody for working out, and me for just playing around.

Our bubble then slightly burst as we naively thought we’d just be able to walk into Best Buy and pick a Wii up.

Apparently many other newlywed couples, and probably a few youngsters, also had a Wii on their Christmas lists, because it was always sold out.

No problem, we’d just wait until the week after Christmas, go to Best Buy, and pick up our new toy.

Another problem, they were still always sold out.

That leads us to this past week, when we were finally able to get our Christmas present. Yep, finally had one in stock.

Now, it was in my hands to set it up and get it going Wednesday last week, as Jody was out for the evening.

Thankfully, the Wii is a lot easier to set up than it is to play since it only took me about 15 minutes to hook it up.

With my (I mean our) Christmas present ready to be played, I got my brother (Cullen) to join me for a night filled with Wii action. At least, that was my plan.

Plans, as most of you know, don’t always work out, and that was the case for me Wednesday.

After walking through the Wii sports games that came with the system, Cullen and I dove into a serious game of ping pong, with me coming out the winner – of course.

We then moved to a game of bowling, another win for me.

A three-inning game of baseball followed, with Cullen cheating to pull out a 2-0 win.

Then there was tennis, again Cullen came away with a win, as he did with boxing.

On a side note, I don’t think there was ever a time in my life when I was in good enough shape to box even two rounds.

After an exhausting round-and-a-half of boxing, which ended with me getting knocked out, we turned our attention back to tennis.

While I was disappointed to lose to Cullen in boxing, I was secretly happy it ended with me getting knocked out in the game, as I was ready to drop out, myself, with exhaustion.

Back to the tennis action, I started to figure out exactly what the heck I was doing, and once I did, I smoked Cullen in the final two games.

Nearly shot at this point, we finished the night up with a game that was more my speed – golf.

Finishing three holes at even par to top Cullen by one stroke, we agreed to call it a night and put the Wii away.

How long did my plan of playing Wii all night last? A grand total of two hours.

Tired, hungry, and a little embarrassed with how out of shape I actually was, I sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote, and got back to my idea of exercise – watching the Timberwolves, Gophers, and Wild on TV.

Later in the evening, Jody got home and asked me how it was?

I told her it was a blast, but that I was pretty worn out and that my arm was a little sore.

After a few minutes of laughing at me for being tired, she then pointed out that I should maybe try and get into some kind of shape for baseball.

I agreed (as a good husband always does), and told her that a few more weeks of playing the Wii will do the trick.

My plans were to play the next night, but that went down the drain rather quickly.

Waking up early in the morning the next day, thanks to a pain in my right arm, I decided that I better take this Wii playing slowly and build up to it.

Oh, I miss the days when video games were a sure fire way to gain some weight, with your eyes being the only body part getting sore from staring at the screen.

Wait a minute, was this Jody’s secret plan all along?

Get me to agree with her and get the Wii, which in turn, might just get me in some kind of shape?

Then, she’d be one step closer to having that trophy husband she always wanted.

I’m not sure now, but if in a few months she starts bringing home hair replacement brochures, then I’ll know for sure.