No new news on Winsted Wildcats

September 21, 2009

by Aaron Schultz

There isn’t much new to report on the Winsted Wildcats this week; the first time that can be said in more than a few months.

I talked to Norwood’s Bob Zellmann this past week, and found out there isn’t much to find out yet.

According to Zellmann, who is on the Minnesota Amateur Baseball State Board, a decision on where the Wildcats will be playing their Class B baseball in 2010 won’t be made until probably November.

The next state board meeting is set for Saturday, Oct. 17, but none of those decisions will be made at that meeting.

In talking to Bob, he did say that the board will probably start discussing scenarios and options, but that no official decision will be made.

The board, again according to Zellmann, would like to make a decision as early as they can, to let the teams have as much time as possible to prepare their 2010 schedules.

Ideally, I think the Wildcats would be placed in Section 8B, which includes all of the Class B North Star League teams and Plato, at least that was how it was set up in 2009.

The teams that includes are Delano, Dassel-Cokato, Hutchinson, Maple Lake, and St. Michael.

However, there have been some rumors going around that the state board could change things around even more, and start a new section that would include Green Isle, Plato, the Wildcats, Hanska, and Marshall.

Obviously, for travel reasons, I’d prefer this not be the case.

Sure, being included in a section with fellow Crow River Valley League Class B teams Plato and Green Isle would make sense, but not if it would include the likes of Marshall and Hanska, or maybe even a New Ulm team.

To me, Section 8 with those North Star teams just makes too much sense for Winsted, since the Wildcats are pretty much located right in the middle of those towns.

But all of it is speculation since no decision will be made for a few more months, at the earliest.

Yes, I have TV

A few weeks back I wrote a column whining about the fact that I had to go over a month without TV.

Well, Mediacom finally got me hooked up a few weeks back, and boy, am I happy.

With the football season upon us, the Twins in the middle of a pennant race, and the new season of my favorite comedies, like “The Office,” kicking off this past week, it sure is nice to have television again.

If I ever move again, I am going to make sure that my cable or satellite is set up at least two weeks prior to moving in, that I can assure you.