Twins in the playoffs? No way!

October 5, 2009

by Aaron Schultz

The only thing that comes to mind as I sit down to write this column Sunday morning is “Are you kidding me?”

I had a different column all written up saying good-bye to the Metrodome, or more like good riddance, but I had to scrap it after the events of Friday and Saturday.

The Twins pulled out two tight wins over Kansas City, while the Detroit Tigers continue to stumble, losing two games to Chicago.

And with that laddies and gentlemen, the Twins are tied with the Tigers for first place in the Central Division.

Both teams played yesterday, and wins or losses by both teams would set up a one-game tie-breaker, which would be played at the Metrodome Tuesday, Oct. 6 starting at 4 p.m.

However, if one team won and the other lost yesterday (Sunday) then that team would head to the playoffs and be division champs.

Even as I write this up I can’t believe that the Twins are in this position with an average starting pitching staff and no Justin Morneau – out due to injury for the rest of the season.

Wow, it sure is exciting, and let’s hope it keeps going into the playoffs.

More Favre magic

Over my many years of being a Vikings’ fan, I have witnessed my favorite football team in purple come out on the short end of Brett Favre magic.

Well, as I sat on my couch Sept. 27 watching the Vikings battle the San Francisco 49ers, I, along with all Minnesota Viking fans, got to see what it feels like to be on the right side of some of that same Favre magic.

Unless you have been living in a cave, or are without TV, as I was for over a month, you know what I am talking about.

Favre hooked up with Greg Lewis in the end zone with just two seconds left on the game clock to lead the Vikings to a come-from-behind win over those 49ers.

I nearly jumped out of my seat as Lewis caught the pass, and I can’t remember getting that excited while watching a Vikings game, ever.

As I looked around my living room, the only other living thing to get excited was my dog, Journey.

Yes, wife Jody was also there, but she seemed more annoyed than anything since I woke her up from a nap.

After she asked me what was going on, I explained to her what had just happened.

Waiting for her to get just as excited as I was, the wind kind of came out of me as she said, ‘that was nice’ and went back to sleep.

What the heck? I had to celebrate with someone.

Earlier in the day I did have plans for a couple of friends to swing on by and watch the game, but due to certain circumstances, I didn’t have them over.

So, now, there I was, pretty much all by myself and no one to celebrate this huge play with.

Of course, there was Journey, who was just as excited, but had no idea why.

There was excitement going on and Journey wasn’t going to miss out, even if she had no clue the reason why.

That is when I asked the dog for a high-five, and sure enough, she sat down, put up her left paw, and gave me a high-five.

That-a-dog, Journey, thanks for the high-five, or four in her case.

Of course, for the next 15 minutes, she just sat there looking at me until I finally got up and got her a treat for that paw-to-hand gesture.

A piece of cheese was well worth it.