Almost off the market

July 6, 2009

by Matt Kane

I am finally tying the knot this Saturday, meaning this is my final week of bachelorhood.

I don’t have any special plans for my final five days as a single man, just to prepare myself for having to grow up a little.

I hope my future wife, Kim, doesn’t make me grow up too much. I like being a big kid who looks forward to playing baseball three times a week during the summer months and then reviewing those games up the hill immediately after the final out.

Kim found out early that my first love was baseball, but that sport and all the memories forever frozen in the photographs that cover the walls of the Matt Kave are now second in line behind Kim.

My final week of being a single man, some would say, is like the final week on death row, and that all I need to do is pick out my final meal. I don’t see it that way.

The fact that Kim allowed me to claim the entire basement as my own clubhouse, where scratching and spitting and fish-house talk is allowed, tells me she is a keeper.

I remember when we first started going steady (as the kids call it), I told Kim I play amateur baseball in the summers and that it takes up a lot of days. She didn’t seem to care at the time, but, after 30 games and September baseball, she soon realized amateur baseball wasn’t the community softball league she was envisioning.

Kim now understands what baseball and hanging out with the guys means to me, and she even encouraged me to come out of retirement this season to play at Loretto. That, to me, means she’s a keeper.

She’s even on board with attending a Chicago Cubs game during our honeymoon to Chicago. It took a little convincing from Kim’s coworkers that a Cubs game is a must-see when visiting the Windy City, and I’m just happy she is up for it.

The second of the two stag parties I was given was a road trip to Kansas City to watch the Twins play two games against the Royals. We left for KC Sunday, June 28, after my Loretto baseball team played its final game at the Green Isle Tournament (which we won). The stag bus picked me up in Green Isle to save time, which meant I wasn’t going to be home before the trip. I think Kim realized that she wouldn’t see me for a couple days so, despite having school work and wedding planning to do, she drove from Delano to Hamburg to watch the early game that day. Kim knows I don’t get a whole lot of playing time, and I didn’t get in that game, so I’m pretty sure she just wanted to see me before my road trip. Ahhh.

I can’t help but remember my mother attending most of my baseball, football and hockey games in high school knowing I wouldn’t get much playing time. I guess that’s what the good women in our lives do.

Kim and I are now residents of Delano, and, all of last week, I realized how awesome the people of Delano are. While walking around the carnival during the 4th of July celebration, people I knew through work would stop us to congratulate us and wish us luck on our upcoming marriage (something they obviously read about in the Delano Herald Journal). Kim had no idea who these people were, and I wasn’t sure of some of the names, but it didn’t matter. We truly appreciated everybody’s wishes for us.

I always ask Kim why she wants to marry a poor, out-of-shape journalist, and she says because I am easy to talk to and I treat her right. I think to myself, ‘Self, isn’t that what a guy is supposed to do?’

I hope so, because that’s what I plan on doing with Kim for the rest of my life.