Hitched for a lifetime

July 20, 2009

by Matt Kane

I went through with it. I got married July 11, and everything went very well.

The weather for the outdoor ceremony was awesome, people came, and I managed to repeat my lines without messing up and making a fool of myself.

The entire weekend, which actually started the Wednesday before, was a blast. My old friends from Florida flew north for the summer, and my college roommate ventured west from Pittsburgh to be in the wedding. I hadn’t seen these people in at least three years, but one would never have known it. We are all still overgrown kids when we get together, and that’s the way we like it. No matter how much time goes by between our reunions, we all remain the same, and we have no problem picking up where we left off.

All of my friends and family members shared plenty of laughs and a few tears with me during the weekend, and it couldn’t have gone any better. And the best thing is that my in-laws mowed my lawn and weeded the flower bed while I picked everyone up at the airport. The yard has never looked better.

After all the work was finished, we all relaxed at the groom’s dinner, which was actually a big party at my house, Friday night, and went to the wedding and reception Saturday.

As for the first week of marriage, really it doesn’t seem any different than the week before I said my vows. The still foreign object on my finger is still a little itchy, though, and I think that itch is to remind me that I am now a taken man.

And to remind me I should start acting like a husband.

We didn’t go anywhere for a honeymoon last week, just back to the grind of working 40 hours a week. Back to the real world where married people go when they are not together.

The real honeymoon begins Wednesday when Kim and I head to Chicago for a long weekend of shopping, eating, sight-seeing, Cubs baseball, and none-of-your-business.

I’m looking forward to the Windy City and to just the two of us getting away together. All of our previous long-distance trips have included Kim’s daughter, Kerri, so we had to act like responsible adults the entire time. I’m guessing we will let loose a little more this week in Chicago. Maybe we will even get a chance to relax while on our honeymoon. That’s probably what both of us needs more than anything.

We better relax while we can, because I know that if a Matt Jr. decides to come along there won’t be much relaxing then.

But I’m not going to worry about that now.

As I sit and write this column Saturday afternoon, I’m finding it hard to believe a week has passed since I tied the knot with my soul mate. I’m starting to wonder if life really goes this much faster after you put a ring on your finger. I kind of hope not, because I want to have time to enjoy life with my new wife.

I’ve talked to couples who have been together for 40, 50 and even 60 years, and I always wondered how that can happen. Well, after just six full days of being a husband, I now understand. When two people love one another the way a husband and wife should, they persevere and dedicate themselves to each for life.

For life, huh? That could be a long, long time. Let’s hope so.