It’s time for Favre to cut the cheeseheads

October 5, 2009

by Matt Kane

It doesn’t always happen, but I am getting caught up in the pregame hype surrounding the Vikings’ Monday Night Football boarder battle with the hated Green Bay Packers.

I think the Monday-nighters between the purple-and-gold and the green-and-gold always get me a little excited, but the hope of seeing Brett Favre be Brett Favre against his old team has given me the I-can’t-wait-until-Monday attitude. Because I couldn’t wait until today.

It’s finally here, now let’s hope Favre, who had to be entering the game with thoughts of sticking it to Packers coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson, shows those cheeseheads they made a mistake in not bringing him back.

I, for one, am glad they didn’t welcome Favre back to Green Bay, because he sure looks good in purple, especially when he’s making last-second touchdown passes to Greg Lewis in the Metrodome.

I was even reminded by NFL Network of a game-winning pass Favre threw against the Vikings on Monday Night Football in 2000. That’s the game Favre’s receiver Antonio Freeman juggled the ball while lying on his back, secured it, got up, and ran to the end zone for the overtime touchdown, all while Minnesota defensive back Chris Dishman celebrated what he thought was a pass breakup. The touchdown gave the Packers a 26-20 win.

Actually, those late-game heroics are nice, but that’s not what I’m hoping for tonight. Oh, no, I want to see Favre light up the Packers’ defensive backs all night. I will be happy with four, no, make that five, touchdown passes, and 400 yards.

I suppose I should want the Vikings’ standard game plan of letting Adrian Peterson run wild to succeed again, so I will forfeit one of those Favre scoring strikes and, instead, take a Peterson 90-yard touchdown run.

Of course, the Vikings winning is the important thing, but blowout wins over the Packers are that much more sweet.

In case you didn’t know, a win tonight wouldn’t be Favre’s first victory over Green Bay — well, sort of.

During Favre’s rookie season with Atlanta in 1991, the Falcons defeated Green Bay 35-31 in Atlanta.

I guess I should clarify that Favre was not the winning quarterback, and didn’t even play in the game. He was third string, behind Billy Joe Tolliver and Chris Miller. Both Tolliver and Miller played in the game, so Favre may have been one Miller injury shy of taking a snap against the franchise he would spend the next 16 seasons with.

Favre may not have played against the Packers in the 1991 game, but I’m sure he did his part flashing dummy signals on the sideline.

(On a side note, former Gopher running back Darrell Thompson had a 40-yard touchdown run and finished with 93 yards for the Packers in that game.)

After Don Majkowski led Green Bay to a 1-2 start in 1992, Favre started the remaining 13 games, and went 8-5. He went on to win a total of 157 games in his 16 seasons in Green Bay. He added nine more with the New York Jets last season, and, so far, three more with the Vikings for 169 career victories.

I don’t know how many more regular-season wins Favre will add to his resumé, but I’m hoping at least two more — tonight and November 1, when he returns to Lambeau Field to battle the Packers on their home tundra. That game just might get me more pumped up than tonight. But let’s worry about that then.

Today, I’m worried about the Vikings, with Favre at the wheel, running over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay boys.