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Ingle family is full of fun ‘hidden’ talents

Dec. 14, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – In the Ingle family, talent ranges from writing to music to gymnastics.

It’s not uncommon to find 4-year-old Sierra standing on her head in the living room, while her sister, Alyssa, 10, adds the finishing touches on her latest book.

Their father, Ken, loves spending time in his music room at home, which is filled with six guitars, an electric drum set, and a keyboard.

“He’s talented,” said wife and mother Deb, who prefers curling up with a good book in her free time.

“I like to read. I think that probably goes with the territory,” said Deb, who has a marketing consulting business out of her home.

“I try to alternate between ‘junk food’ for the brain and something more meaty,” she said. Her most recent project was reading “War and Peace” from start to finish.

“It was like running a marathon,” she laughed.

The Ingles moved from Coon Rapids to Delano a few years ago, because they wanted to make sure their children got a good education.

“We love the school system,” Deb said. “It’s awesome.”

Ken works at Boston Scientific in Maple Grove as a portfolio manager who deals with business planning. He has a degree in aerospace engineering, but decided to move into management because he especially enjoys that type of work.

Ken had his own engineering consulting business at one time, but now Deb is the one with a business, called Venture Enterprise.

She works about 15 hours per week out of her home, putting together press releases, newsletters, product sheets, marketing plans, and other writing-based consulting work.

The Ingles’ oldest child, Alyssa, has a knack for writing, as well.

“She’s kind of got the writing bug like her mom,” Deb said. “She writes book after book after book. It’s very cute.”

Alyssa has a desk in her bedroom, and she often types her stories.

“She wrote a 40-page book in Word,” Deb said. “It took her a long time.”

Alyssa writes about a wide range of topics, sometimes drawing ideas from stories she’s read or real-life scenarios.

“I can’t even keep track of all the things she writes about. Some are about her sister getting into trouble,” Deb laughed.

Alyssa’s sister, Sierra, is “very loud and rambunctious,” Deb said.

“We have two very different kids,” she said, explaining that Alyssa is quiet, and Sierra is “just the opposite.”

“She’s full of fire,” Deb said. “So far, she’s into pink dresses and nail polish and having friends over. She’s a very girly-girl.”

Another of Sierra’s interests is gymnastics.

“That’s her big thing right now,” Deb said.

Before having children, Ken and Deb had two cats, which are now 15 years old.

“They’re our first babies,” Deb said.

Ken and Deb both grew up in Mound. They met while working at the Minnetonka Mist, a restaurant that was demolished about three years ago. The couple went to college together, graduating from the University of Minnesota.

They lived in different places in the Twin Cities area for several years before coming home to Delano.

The family enjoys the close-knit Delano community, Deb said, adding that Delano is a “nice, growing area.”


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