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Delano is home for Quandt family
Aug. 3, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Andrea and Josh Quandt moved to Delano nearly four years ago, and there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

“People are super friendly,” Andrea said. “We definitely like it. ”

They enjoy shopping at the 24-hour grocery store, eating out at the Juke Box Restaurant, and taking Community Education classes.

“I like that there’s a library here,” Andrea added. “There’s a lot of stuff for a small town.”

Josh and Andrea said they hope to stay in Delano to raise their children. So far, they have two boys: 2 1⁄2-year-old Aiden, and 5-month-old Isaac. Sometime in the future, they hope to have one more child.

The Quandts are true Minnesotans, and spend their vacations in Bemidji at Andrea’s parents’ cabin.

“We like the winter,” Andrea said.

Josh lived in California for two years, but said he definitely prefers Minnesota.

“I like the colder weather,” he said. “I like the woodsy areas and lakes. There aren’t as many lakes in California.”

Josh and Andrea met at Action Mailing Services, Inc., where they both work. They started their employment in June 2001, one week apart. Josh works in information technology, and Andrea is the account manager.

Action Mailing is in Plymouth, but the Quandts said they would rather commute to work than move away from Delano.

“We’re kind of farther suburban than Plymouth,” Andrea said. She grew up in Maple Lake, and at first thought she wanted to live near Highway 55. Josh, however, grew up in Orono, and hoped to live near Highway 12.

“He won,” Andrea laughed.

Living in Delano has worked out well for both Andrea and Josh.

Andrea said she and her high school friends often have “girls’ nights” and go to the nearby Dairy Queen.

“Delano’s kind of the central location,” she said.

Josh’s parents also live nearby. When the Quandts purchased their present home on Watertown Avenue, his parents bought their old house on Willow Drive.

In addition to their two boys, Josh and Andrea also have a dog, Sadie, that they got from Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo.

At first, Sadie was very apprehensive, especially around men, Josh said.

“It took three days before I could even touch her,” he said.

The Quandts were patient with Sadie, and gradually she became more comfortable. They also took her to an obedience class, which helped quite a bit, Andrea said.

“She’s pretty normal now,” Josh said, adding that Sadie is very good with the kids.

In their free time, the Quandt family enjoys spending time together camping, staying up north, or relaxing at home in Delano.

“Now, if they could just get the road construction done,” Josh joked.


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