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Myra Wright loves the ‘golden years’ of life

Sept. 28, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

MONTROSE, MN – Some people may dread getting older, but not 69-year-old Myra Wright of Montrose.

She lives in Arizona for the winter, and travels between houses in Montrose and Annandale in the summer. Wright and her husband, Gene Kusha, love fishing, nature watching, and spending time with grandchildren.

“There is something to getting older,” Wright said. “We truly, truly enjoy it.”

She and Kusha got married four years ago, after they both lost their first spouses. They are both thankful to have found each other.

“We met in Delano,” she said. “My good friend introduced us. I gave him my phone number, he called me, and the rest is history.”

Wright has one granddaughter and three step-grandchildren.

“I love them all,” Wright said, adding that she might even spoil them a bit.

Her two sons, Michael and Paul, live nearby.

One of Wright’s hobbies is caring for flowers. When she travels to Arizona, she brings a trailer full of plants down with her.

“That way, I have flowers all year long,” she explained.

Wright said her husband keeps track of how many flowers she brings.

“He said we brought back 54 plants this spring,” she laughed. She said she plants “quite an assortment” of flowers, especially perennials and roses.

“I’m always anxious to get them outside,” she said.

Wright’s husband isn’t as interested in flowers as she is, but he diligently helps her bring the plants back and forth each year.

He does, however, love to golf.

“He goes about three times a week in Arizona,” Wright said.

Another of Wright and Kusha’s favorite activities is fishing.

“We do that quite often,” Wright said. Usually, they go to either Grass Lake or Clearwater Lake in Annandale.

Looking out the window of her lake front property, Wright said, “It’s just like glass.”

Wright also sees plenty of wildlife on her property, including large turtles.

“They’re fun to watch. They come on the lawn and dig holes with one foot,” she laughed. “It’s amazing how far they can throw the dirt.”

After the turtles lay their eggs in the dirt, Wright said she looks forward to when the baby turtles hatch.

“They’re so cute,” she said. “They’re about the size of a quarter.”

Wright and Kusha enjoy each day, taking pleasure in the simple things in life.

“It’s a nice life,” she said.


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