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DC students perform at Fine Arts Showcase

May 4, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – Several Dassel-Cokato High School students received awards during the DC Performing Arts Showcase April 25 at the Performing Arts Center. Creative writing awards for “Outstanding Writer and Published Author” were given to Karl Bekkala for his poem “Leaving Perfect” and Rachel Korhonen for her poem, “What Remains.”

Those who earned a letter in speech include eighth grader Elizabeth Kaiser, freshmen Catherine Funk, Sara Hughes, AbbyJo Imberg, Cheyne Page, Krissy Rootes, Laura Rostomily, Kate Salden, and Samantha VanDeSteeg; sophomores Kaysha Beckermann, Brian Collins, Ashley Constenius, Lizzie Cron, Naomi DeMarais, Nichole Elke, Matthew Heshiser, Jessica Juncewski, Lillia Khelif, Beth Schmid, Julia Torgersen, Jenny Von Ohlen, and Samantha Wiley; juniors Trevor Davis, Angela Duncan, Caroline Duncan, Teegan Ebenhoh, Amanda Fett, Adrienne Haataja, Rachel Korhonen, Holden Page, Jeremiah Reynolds, and Jon Thorson; and seniors Mischa Cho, Marissa Gerding, Elyse Kallgren, Andrew Klugow, and Lars Torgersen.

Speech state participants were Elyse Kallgren, Lillia Khelif, Rachel Korhonen, and Beth Schmid.

Rachel Korhonen placed eighth at state in the category of extemporaneous reading.

Those awarded a letter for vocal music are freshmen Hector Avila, Shilo Hare, AbbyJo Imberg, Krissy Rootes, and Laura Rostomily; sophomores Brittany Erickson, Alex Hauck, and Julia Torgersen; juniors Caroline Duncan, Anna Fitzer, and Adrienne Haataja; and seniors Isaac Dahlman, Liz DeYoung, Carmen Dischinger, Troy Erickson, Courtney Funk, Kate Kaiser, Zach Kaiser, Sabrina Lawrence, Erin Levinski, Tynelle Marschall, Kelly Peterson, Ben Schue, Adam Smith, Angela Swanson, Kayla Veatch, and Ali Williams. Drama letter winners include freshmen AbbyJo Imberg and Krissy Rootes, sophomores Noah Gosswiller and Alex Hauck, juniors Anna Fitzer and Adrienne Haataja, and seniors Bryant Beckermann, James Frickstad, Courtney Funk, Sabrina Lawrence, Taylor Mankenberg, Tynelle Marschall, Kelly Peterson, Kevin Schiroo, Lars Torgersen, Kayla Veatch, and Ali Williams.

One-act play state participant awards were given to Sam Carlson, Anna Fitzer, James Frickstad, Noah Gosswiller, Adrienne Haataja, Stephen Hansen, Alex Hauck, Sabrina Lawrence, Kathryn Mankenberg, Taylor Mankenberg, Tynelle Marschall, Sam Rydberg, Kevin Schiroo, and Lars Torgersen.

The “Heart & Soul” award for drama was given to Kevin Schiroo, James Frickstad, and Tynelle Marschall.

Instrumental music letter winners were Alex Cady, Julia Veatch, Luke Dahlman, Brittany Erickson, Brandon Luewel, Annika Ring, Breanna Birkholz, Bethanie Borg, Anna Fitzer, James Frickstad, Katie Gustafson, Adrienne Haataja, Carlie Hedlund, Shannon Lundquist, Tynelle Marschall, Ben Munson, Tyler Nelson, Tom Peterson, Rebecca Ryan, Kaitlyn Ryan, Bryan Saksa, Holly Schmidt, Jordon Struthers, Katie Tenhoff, Jon Thorson, Bryant Beckermann, Tyler Byrd, and Liz DeYoung.

Four more letter winners were added since the showcase: Kayla Grack, Christa Juntunen, Kailee Leinonen, and Laura Rostomily.

Other awards were also given. The “Outstanding Music Supporter Award” was given to the families of Randy Holm, Jill and Ralph Erickson, and Ken and Mary Neu. “The National School Marching Award” was given to Zachary Kaiser and “The John Philip Sousa Band Award” was awarded to Shauna Struthers. James Frickstad was given the “The Louis Armstrong Award” for jazz.

Some students received scholarships as well. The AAA awards, given for excellence in academics, athletics and fine arts, were presented to Kate Kaiser and Zach Kaiser. They will receive a $500 scholarship. The DC fine arts scholarship, which is a $500 scholarship and the title of “Outstanding Fine Arts Performer” was given to Bryant Beckermann, Emily Rausch, and Sam Kampa. The Fine Arts Students of the Year $500 scholarship was given to James Frickstad and Tynelle Marschall.


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