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Township Roundup

Aug. 17, 2009

Stockholm plans 82nd Ave. work
At the Stockholm Township meeting last Monday, the board discussed possible road improvements on 82nd Avenue to solve drainage problems, Clerk Diane Johnson said.

The township is making arrangements with telephone and electrical companies to remove wiring before the work starts.

The August meeting was the first to take place in the new township trailer, Johnson added. The trailer has air conditioning, better heating, and a handicapped-accessible ramp.

Kingston to post recycling signs
Because many people have been misusing the recycling bins outside the City of Kingston, township officials will be posting signs, Clerk Gail Schiefelbein said.

People have been putting trash and non-recyclable items in the bins, she said. Some people have also been placing recyclable materials in the wrong containers.

If the signs don’t help, no one will be allowed to use the recycle bins.

“We want people to start taking responsibility,” Schiefelbein said.

Kingston Township’s November meeting will be Monday, Nov. 2 because of school elections Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The township will be spraying for Wild Parsnip in the fall and spring, Schiefelbein added.

Darwin Twp. to repair two roads
At the Darwin Township meeting June 2, the board discussed road repair to 655th Street and 246th Street, Clerk Hildur Carlson said.

The bid has been awarded to Knife River Corporation, a construction company with several locations throughout the US.

The repairs should be completed by September 4 or 5, depending on the weather, Carlson said.


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