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Faribault Foods gives ‘stimulus’ bonuses, asks its employees to spend it locally

May 4, 2009

By Lynda Jensen

COKATO, MN – To the surprise of few – especially its employees – Faribault Foods of Cokato recently gave out “stimulus” bonus money to its workers.

Each of its employees received $250 with their paychecks, along with a note asking them to spend it locally, according to the company, if they could.

There are approximately 600 employees who work there, who were grateful for the money during the economic downturn.

Ron Carlson of the company said that this kind of gesture is just like something owner Reid MacDonald would do. MacDonald, along with three siblings, took over the company in 1980 from their parents. He became CEO at that time.

In the past, MacDonald has been supportive of troops and done other behind-the-scenes, community oriented deeds, Carlson.

Faribault Foods started in 1895 as a vegetable company. At the time, it was known for small-sized corn kernels, and tiny ‘petits pois’ peas.

During the modern era, Faribault offers a new product line that includes canned vegetables, sauced beans, refried beans, baked beans, kids’ and family style pasta, soup, chicken, chili, and organic and Mexican specialties.


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