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Glencoe radio station has hit the airwaves

July 20, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

GLENCOE, MN – For country music lovers in McLeod, Meeker, western Carver, and southern Wright counties, Glencoe’s new radio station is sure to become a preset.

The 1310 AM station, KGLB, went on the air Wednesday. It offers classic hit country with a local flair, featuring a variety of community-focused programs.

“We’re going to do a lot of local things,” General Manager Jeremy Stender said.

So far, many of the details aren’t “etched in stone,” Stender said.

“That will all come as we get things going and see what people want,” he explained.

However, Stender said he aims to make KGLB a station for people in Glencoe and the surrounding communities to get updates on local sports and other news.

He plans to work with the Linder Farm Network as well, which broadcasts farm reports, market updates, and other agricultural programs in rural Minnesota.

“We’ve got some other things we’re going to toss around,” he said. “Nothing is 100 percent excluded right now.”

Some possibilities include broadcasting local church services, playing polka music Sundays, or having a show with the mayor of Glencoe.

“It’s going to be community-oriented. That can mean a lot of things,” Stender said.

The station, which is powered by a 2,500-watt signal from two towers just east of Glencoe, has a strong signal in parts of Wright, McLeod, Carver, and Meeker counties.

“The coverage map is pretty big for a small station,” Stender said.

“While Glencoe is the primary focus, that won’t be the only city we cover,” he added.

Stender, who is originally from Norwood Young America, lives with his wife, Linsey, in Cologne. Before becoming general manager for KGLB, Stender had been a senior marketing executive at B96 in Edina.

“I’m very happy I made the move,” he said. “It’s a fun and unique opportunity to have a chance to go back to the area I grew up in.”

Stender began his radio career in 1999, as a college intern at 1130 KFAN, a sports radio station in the Twin Cities. He has held different positions in the industry, and said he is excited to be the general manager for Glencoe’s radio station.

“It was kind of a natural progression in my career,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to the challenge of it.”

People are encouraged to contact KGLB with comments, suggestions, or questions, Stender said.

To contact 1310 KGLB-AM, call (320) 864-2010 or e-mail Stender at jstender@norlites.com.

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