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Township Roundup

Aug. 17, 2009

Victor to reshape 80th St. ditches
At the Victor Township meeting last Monday, the board discussed the planned reshaping of the 80th Street ditches, Clerk Sharon Glessing said. The goal is to make the ditches not as steep. There is no start date set for the project, she said.

The board also discussed routine road maintenance, Glessing said. The township will be mowing the roadsides and spraying for Wild Parsnip.

Hollywood sets annual meeting
The continuation of the annual meeting for Hollywood Township will be Monday, Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m., Clerk Becky Burns said.

The board will discuss the sheriff’s contract renewal and whether or not to leave the levy amount the same, she said.

The first part of the annual meeting was in March, Burns added.

Marysville Twp. to have last newsletter in August
August will be the last quarterly newsletter issued from Marysville Township, Clerk Dorothy Rahn said. Upcoming events will be printed in the Herald Journal and Wright County Journal Press. Event information will also be placed on the community bulletin board at KRWC, posted at the town hall, and recorded as a message on the town hall phone.

At the Monday, July 27 meeting, David Epple’s permit review for a mobile home as a farm accessory was approved for another two years, Rahn said.

The board also approved a variance request by Mark Mayville to add a 12-foot addition to an existing livestock building that is not to be used for livestock, she added.

Marysville hosts weed inspector

The Maryvsille Township Board hosted Wright County Weed inspector Ken Johnson at its most recent meeting, reported Clerk Goria Janikula. He spoke about weeds in general, she added.


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