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Townships announce spring election results

March 16, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

WRIGHT, CARVER, McLEOD, MN – Several area townships had spring elections Tuesday, March 10. Camden, Winsted, Bergen, and Hollywood townships had their elections in November.

Victor Township

David Hoover was re-elected for the three-year term of supervisor, and Sean Groos was re-elected for the two-year term as treasurer in Victor Township.

Middleville Township

Everrett Smith was elected to a two-year term as treasurer, and John Walter was elected to a three-year term as supervisor for Middleville Township.

Woodland Township

Jim Trombley was re-elected to the three-year position as supervisor, and Tami McClay was elected to the two-year position as treasurer in Woodland Township.

Marysville Township

Augie Riebel was re-elected as supervisor of Marysville Township, which is a three-year term.


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