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HLWW sharpens ax for more cuts; prepares for worst

June 1, 2009

By Lynda Jensen

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – After making more than $1 million in cuts over the last several years, which extend into the 2009-10 school year, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted is once again bracing for another round of substantial cuts if the November levy fails.

This time, it won’t be portions of a program or shaving hours of time from teachers, but whole departments and programs are scheduled to go, Supt. George Ladd said.

“They are deliberating right now on what to do,” Ladd said of the school board. “We have to keep the district solvent.”

If the levy fails in November, the board will be on track to slash $784,899 for the 2010-11 year.

The board just finished cutting $400,000 from its 2009-10 school year, which was helped a bit by attrition, he said.

Ladd distributed a list of cuts and revenue adjustments at a workshop meeting Tuesday; although no decisions have been made about future cuts yet, since the board has just started to discuss the issue.

Anyone interested in taking part of the process may contact any board member (see boxed area) or attend the next regular board meeting Monday, June 8 at 6 p.m. at the middle school board room.

The list is as follows:

Cuts/changes in 2003-2004

• Increased activity fees
• Increased ticket prices for activities
• Elimination of extracurricular speech
• Elimination of gifted education coordinator
• Reduction in elementary music 1/5
• Elimination of art specialist at elementary
• Increased lunch prices – food service multiple years

Cuts/changes in 2004-2005

• Reduction of elementary PE from 5 days a week to 5 days out of 10
• Eliminated .5 elementary opportunity room teacher (Humphrey), and .5 tech teacher (Winsted & Humphrey)
• Reduction of one sixth grade teacher
• Eliminated German at the high school
• Eliminated winter cheerleading
• Increased activity fees: 9-12 $75 ($200 cap); and 7-8 $65 ($170 cap)
• Increased ticket prices adults $6, students $4
• Reduction of first responder emergency personnel present at games and other major functions.
• Reduction elementary teachers retirements not replaced (music)
• Increased class size at elementary K-6
• Reduction in para positions Newsletter cut 50 percent (from 4 to 2)
• Reduced bus routes
• Froze all but emergency expenditures
• Increased lunch prices
• Reduced overtime
• School board meeting per diem reduced
• Increased facility use fees for public use
• Reduced late activity bus to two days a week
• Changed phone carriers (to reduce cost)

Cuts/changes in 2005-2006

• Cut German class/cut ITV
• Eliminated activity bus to two days a week
• Furniture/technology freeze (emergency only)
• Eliminated 800 phone numbers
• Charged back to department (CE, FS, etc)
• Procurement card (this is a charge card the gives back a rebate at the end of the year, and is counted as extra revenue)
• Reduced electives at the HS
• Reduced all paras, except mandatory
• Reduction in supply budgets
• Received staff development dollars from teachers
• All-day kindergarten payments (parents pay for part of day)
• Dropped STAR report recognition (paper version)
• Retirements – positions not being replaced, but staff transferred where possible

Cuts/changes in 2007-08

• Reduction of music time at elementary, 125 minutes/week to 100 minutes/week

Cuts/changes in 2008-2009

• Procurement card (this is a charge card that gives back a rebate at the end of the year, and is counted as extra revenue)
• Rented upstairs of MS building to step program
• Eliminated Industrial Arts at HS
• Increased ticket prices
• Increased facility fees
• Reduction in business office
• Retirements – positions not being replaced but transferred staff where possible
• Eliminated insurance planning consultant
• Elementary boundary/5th grade transferred to MS (reduced one FTE)
• Reduced supplies
• Reduced comp time
• Received staff development dollars from teachers
• Reduced Laker publication from four to one per year
• Eliminated national conference payment (principals donated)
• All field trip transportation costs paid by teacher/student accounts
• MS reductions – .2 FTE science, .4 FTE social studies, .2 FTE English, .2 FTE Health TE, one Para, 20 percent of supply budgets

Cuts/changes in 2009-10

• Special Ed .5 FTE reduction
• Reduce MS industrial arts (.6 FTE)
• Reduce electives
• AVID reduction (it teaches students how to get organized)
• MS/HS AEP teacher at HS (1 FTE)
• Increased cafeteria lunch prices
• Reduce summer office hours at the HS
• Receive staff development dollars from teachers
• Retirement positions not being replaced but staff transferred where possible
• Reduction of 1 FTE para-elementary
• Reduction of .24 FTE extension position MS reductions .6 FTE English, .4 FTE science, .2 FTE technology, .2 FTE shop


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