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HLWW approves judges for November levy election

Sept. 21, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – Plans for the upcoming Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District levy election are gliding forward, with the election judge approval at last Monday’s school board meeting.

There will be several judges at each of the three polling places.

At Humphrey Elementary School, co-head election judges will be Geraldine Smith and Adrian Duske. Other judges include Mary Johnson, Berneal Decker, Faye Bakeberg, and Bonnie Engle.

Co-head election judges at Howard Lake Middle School will be Joey Berg and Gene Gilbert. Doris Schendel, Marianne Bobrowske, Sharon Glessing, Wanda Werner, Ron Miller, Tom Main, and Dawn Horst are the other judges at that location.

At Winsted Elementary School, Rosemary Stifter and Karen Schoen are the co-head election judges. Other judges include Bernie Libor and Karla Otterness.

Alternates for any of the sites are Jessie Salonek, Gloria Janikula, Imelda Marshall, Karen Oestreich, Glee Main, Pam Petersen, Amy Carlson, and Marilyn Greeley.

Shorter bus routes
The wheels on the bus are rolling along better than previous years for the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District, with shorter ride times for many students.

“We have had very, very few issues with busing so far this year,” Superintendent Brad Sellner told the school board at last Monday’s meeting. “Students are getting home a lot sooner than they did last year.”

The addition of another bus route has helped, he said.

The downside to the extra route is that the district now has one fewer bus for backup.

“One of our buses that had been a spare is now out on the road,” Sellner said.

As a result, the board is considering leasing an additional bus. Board member Paul Weibel also proposed the idea of renting a bus as needed.

“It’s just something we’re exploring right now,” Sellner said.

Typically, the only time the spare bus would be needed is during athletic events that leave at the same time as the regular bus route. If the existing spare bus is in the shop for repairs, this could pose problems, Sellner said.

“Suddenly, do we back up the start times to those games, or do we look at possibly leasing another bus as a backup?” he asked.

So far, no plans have been made, and the board will discuss busing options at future meetings.

Odds and ends
In other business, the school board:

• discussed the finalization of potential reduction items, if the fall levy fails. Board member Jesse Tintes mentioned that he heard community members propose cutting all programs by a certain percentage, instead of completely cutting out specific programs. These issues will be discussed further at a later date, board member Dan Schaible said.

• certified the annual levy for five district funds, including operating, equity, community education, debt services, and health and safety. The total amount, a maximum of $3,432,022, is paid for with a combination of state funding and local taxpayer dollars, financial consultant Bill Holmgren said.

• approved the resignations of middle school counselor Elizabeth Benson and district office helper Glee Main. An eight-week leave of absence for Pam Hand was also approved.

• approved increasing the hours of kindergarten teacher Gretchen Karg and social worker Breanne Adickes to full time.

• heard a presentation from Nancy Ramler from Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council regarding SMART finance computer software. HLWW is considering switching from their current system, TIES, to SMART. The board will take a vote on this at the Monday, Oct. 12 meeting.

• heard a report from high school principal Mike Day that some classrooms are overcrowded, with as many as 35 students in a room.

• heard middle school principal Jim Schimelpfenig report that students voted on a theme for the school year of “think big, work hard, be a Laker.” Posters with the slogan will be displayed throughout the school. “It’s a good reminder of our mission as we go through the school year,” Schimelpfenig said.

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