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Elderly woman’s Howard Lake home is destroyed by fire

January 12, 2009

By Caroline Wigmore
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN - A fire that apparently began in a downstairs bedroom of the home of an elderly Howard Lake woman, quickly engulfed the entire house Tuesday.

The home belongs to the elderly Howard Lake woman Gloria Dotzenroth at 10537 Hollister Ave. in Victor Township, located south of Lake Ann and two miles north of Winsted.

Firefighters from both the Winsted and Howard Lake fire departments fought the blaze for several hours, starting around 11 a.m., and blocking off Hollister Avenue

There were no injuries, according to Winsted Fire Chief Chad Engel.

“Both I and the fire marshal were unsure as to how the fire started,” Engel explained. It was determined that further investigation would be necessary.

After the fire was extinguished, firefighters sifted through the massive piles of rubble, in hopes of finding anything salvageable.


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