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New HLWW board member is ready for a challenge

January 19, 2009

By Caroline Wigmore
Staff Writer

Jesse Tintes and his wife, Brandi, only intended to live in the area for a year and then relocate, but 10 years later, Tintes calls Howard Lake his home.

“We’re still here, we love the community, the people, our friends and we want to be able to give back,” Tintes said, referring to his most recent service to the community as a Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted school board member.

Tintes waited until his schedule would allow him the time to give the school district his full attention before he filed for the position as a board member. This meant waiting until his responsibilities on the board of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Howard Lake and his work with the Boy Scouts came to a close.

Today, Tintes works from home as a sales engineer for a robotics company called Festo, which is stationed in Germany. His job can take him all over the state to deal with clients.

Scuba diving is a passion of Tintes’ as he spent two years in the Navy as a rescue diver, and then later became an instructor. He devoted 19 years to professional scuba diving, and occasionally still takes locals out for a dive.

With three boys, all of whom attend school at HLWW, two in middle school and one in high school, Tintes has gotten a good feel for the district.

“I think that Brad Sellner is one of the strongest middle school principals in the state,” Tintes said, explaining how impressed he has been with Sellner’s good communication skills, both with students and parents.

“You can see in him a desire for better education,” Tintes added.

Tintes has also been impressed with the teachers at HLWW, and believes that the district is continuing a trend of hiring gifted teachers.

New school board members are required by the state to undergo training, and Tintes said that the budget was one of the biggest issues discussed at the training sessions.

A $5 billion budget shortfall for the state is a big concern, and Tintes noted that due to cuts in state funding for HLWW, it will be especially important for the next operating levy to pass.

“We have to remember the kids,” Tintes said. This idea was a constant theme through his training sessions.

“There’s another operating levy coming up and if it fails, that is going to make a huge impact on our kids,” he added.

Though Tintes isn’t concerned about the challenges he will face on the board, he recognizes that in order to get through these financially trying times, the board will need to act as a team.

“I like being involved with the community and being a positive impact,” Tintes said.

Tintes will take his seat on the board Tuesday, Jan. 20. Other board members are Al Doering, Michelle Heuer, Dan Schaible, Charles Weber, Paul Weibel, and Jamie Wiech.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m. in the HLWW board room in the middle school (the old high school).


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