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Sellner is being considered for HLWW supt. position

January 26, 2009

By Caroline Wigmore
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN, - The search for a new superintendent to replace George Ladd continued last Monday, with the application of HLWW Middle School Principal Brad Sellner for the job.

“We have a very good opportunity to have someone from in-house fill this position,” Doering said.

Sellner needs to complete a portion of his licensing to be eligible for the position, and the board asked him how long this would take. Sellner responded that he believed he could have it as soon as Friday.

Paul Weibel expressed concern about being able to fill the position of middle school principal, which would become vacant if Sellner took the position.

However, the board agreed to post the position of middle school principal as being open.

Complaint about bus driver

In other business, a concerned parent, Marvin Karels, attended the meeting to express concern about his children’s bus driver.

According to Karels, his 4-year-old son had fallen asleep on his bus, and his bus driver failed to notice that she still had a student on the bus at the end of the day.

The driver had apparently then driven the bus to her home. When the boy woke up, came out of the bus, and went up to the driver’s home. Karels said that the driver then acted as if she had found him there.

Karels stated that he would not allow his children to ride on the bus with this driver. Superintendent George Ladd assured Karels that there would be a prompt solution to the issue through a possible closed meeting.

Later, Doering brought up the fact that the middle school had been having problems with the its boiler.

The board decided to get a quote on what it would cost to replace it, in case that becomes necessary. The quote would only be for the boiler, and not the building’s internal piping.

In other business, HLWW received a grant of $1,600 from Best Buy, and $1,500 from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for archery equipment.

Middle school teacher Melanie Lawrence spoke to the board about the archery program, and also gave a demonstration with a bow that she brought with her.

She assured the board that safety is the first priority for the group, and that archery is a surprisingly safe sport.

Organizational meeting

The board conducted an organizational meeting, where the board’s positions were determined, and several other issues were voted on.

Dan Schaible will act as chairman, Jamie Wiech will act as vice chair, Charles Weber as clerk, and Michelle Heuer as treasurer.

Board members receive $40 per meeting. The board was posed with the question of whether that amount should be raised.

“In light of the economic times, let’s leave it as it is,” Heuer said. The board agreed and the amount will remain at $40 per meeting.

A motion was also carried to approve the Herald Journal as the official newspaper for the district.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board approved:

• conducted the swearing in ceremony for its new board member, Jesse Tintes.

• a change for the board meeting times to the second Monday of the month with a new start time of 6 p.m.

• a change for the work session meetings to the fouth Monday of the month.


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