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Township Roundup

June 15, 2009

Victor Twp. keeps recycling time
At last Monday’s meeting, Victor Township decided to stay with its current recycling schedule, which is the first and third Fridays of each month, Clerk Sharon Glessing said.

Recycling will be reviewed again at the township meeting in March of next year.

Woodland Twp. monitors parsnip
Woodland Township continues to monitor wild parsnip growing along township roadsides, Clerk Gloria Janikula said. The township sprayed the end of May. “It’s more widespread than a lot of people think,” Janikula said.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources web site, if the plant juices come in contact with skin in the presence of sunlight, a rash and/or blistering can occur, as well as skin discoloration that may last several months.

Hollywood Twp. works on 2030 comp plan with Carver County
Hollywood Township is in the process of completing the township chapter for the 2030 comprehensive plan, a compilation of long-range planning documents for Carver County.

Hollywood Township’s portion needs to be completed by the end of July, Clerk Becky Burns said.

Middleville Twp. to have picnic
The annual Middleville Township picnic will be Saturday, July 11 at the township hall, Clerk Joey Berg said. Meat and beverages, provided by the township, will be served at noon.

At the township meeting Tuesday, the board renewed a gravel mining permit for Joe Zabel.


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