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Township Roundup

June 15, 2009

Kingston Twp. sees increase in dust coating applications
When Kingston Township first started offering dust coating services about 20 residents applied, Clerk Gail Schiefelbein said, but this year, the township recently finished dust coating for 44 residences.

Last year, there were 34 people who applied, Schiefelbein said.

“It has been going steadily up,” she said.

At the meeting June 2, the board also heard that the Lake Francis beach area now has a portable toilet available for use.

Darwin to consider road repair
At the Darwin Township meeting June 2, the board discussed possible road repair in the township. Nothing has been decided yet, Clerk Hildur Carlson said.

A decision should be made at the July meeting, she said. The roads will probably be repaired later this summer.

Cokato Twp. discusses possible maintenance purchases
Money for Cokato Township purchases isn’t available until July, but township officials have been discussing possible future purchases, Clerk Brad Morris said.

One piece of equipment the township is considering is a sieve to separate the gravel and rock, Morris said.

“They spend a lot on gravel, so we want to make sure you’re getting what you need in it,” he said.

The township has also completed dust coating and is partially done with graveling.

Stockholm to reconvene meeting
Last Monday’s Stockholm Township meeting will reconvene Monday, June 22 at 7:30 p.m., Clerk Diane Johnson said.

Road maintenance of 90th Street will be discussed.

French Lake accepts road bid
At the French Lake Township meeting June 2, officials accepted a bid for crack filling 3-1/2 miles of township roads, including 55th St. and Quiner St. NW, Clerk Rosanne Peterson said. The bid amount was $10,270.

The township also discussed dust coating.

Dassel Twp. finishes road upgrade
Dassel Township recently completed regrading of 263rd St., Clerk Karin Colberg said.

Also, a public hearing took place Tuesday to discuss the roads near the Rolling Acres addition of Long Lake, which include 727th St., 237th St, and 238th St. About 15 people attended the hearing, but no decision has been made as to whether or not the roads will be tarred, Colberg said.

Dust coating for residents who signed up began Thursday, she said.


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