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Township Roundup

June 1, 2009

Bergen starting work on Zero Ave.
The specifications for road work on Zero Avenue are being fine-tuned, and plans will soon be made public, Clerk Amy Meyer said.

Bids for this project will be accepted at a special meeting Thursday, June 18 at 11 a.m. The bids will be considered at 7 p.m. the same day, Meyer said.

Middleville to reduce frost boils
At the May meeting, Middleville Township discussed placing tile down the center of certain township roads to reduce frost boils, Clerk Joey Berg said.

Frost boils, or frost heaves, are sections of ruptured pavement that happens when water freezes under the road. This spring, frost boils weren’t much of a problem in Middleville Township, but last year there were quite a few, Berg said.

The township will make the final decision regarding tiling to prevent frost boils at the June 9 meeting.

Hollywood Twp. dust control payment due today
For residents of Hollywood Township who requested dust control services, payment is due today, Clerk Becky Burns said. The township plans to have dust coating done before the end of June.

Hollywood Township meetings now start at 7:30 p.m. instead of 8 p.m., Burns said.

Woodland Twp. approves CUP
At the May 11 meeting, Woodland Township approved a conditional use permit for George Karels to locate an auto sales lot (up to six cars) on Highway 12, Clerk Gloria Janikula said.


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