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Angela Kalthoff is lucky to do what she loves
June 29, 2009

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – The delicate fingers and toes of a newborn, the silly faces of a toddler, the proud smile of a high school graduate, and many more magical moments are what Angela Kalthoff enjoys capturing with her camera.

For her, photography is a passion, and she feels lucky to do what she loves.

One of Kalthoff’s earliest memories involves her first trip to summer camp at 7 years old, already with a camera in hand.

Whether it takes kneeling on the floor, singing a song, being silly, or offering a shy child a juice box, she is able to freeze time and put it in a frame.

“I stick to what I’m good at,” Kalthoff said, “and that is newborns and children. I just love it.”

The beautiful studio in her Delano home provides a comfortable and convenient setting, rich with endless original backdrops and props.

Soon, a backyard pond and waterfall with be available as a photograph setting.

Prints, canvasses, Christmas cards, birth announcements, portrait jewelry and handbags, and DVD slide shows set to music are just a few of the keepsakes she creates.

With the experience of being a fifth grade teacher in Lake- ville for five years, and a parent herself, Kalthoff is at ease with children.

Twin daughters, Addison and Hailey, and 5-year-old son Noah keep Kalthoff and her husband, Michael, an electronic technician, very busy, but they enjoy every minute of it.

Two years ago, they stumbled upon Delano while in the search for a place to raise their children.

“We drove around and fell in love with Delano,” she said. “And, with such good schools, we knew this is where we wanted to be.”

Recently, Kalthoff became involved with the Delano Royalty Organization. As Miss Cambridge 1993, she knows first-hand that this is a great experience for girls.

“It’s a great confidence-booster for them,” she said. “It is fun, they meet a lot of people and help the community. Being a small local business, I feel it’s important for me to get involved.”

Some of Kalthoff’s creative work can be viewed at Little Mundi’s in Sauk Rapids, Bella Angel Imaging in Maple Grove, and Schnell’s Saddle Shop in Delano.

For more information visit her web site and blog at www.angelakalthoff.com.


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