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What if a disaster hit Delano?
June 22, 2009

By Jen Bakken
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – What if a major disaster, whether natural, man-made, or an act of terrorism, hit the Delano area?

Who would assist in protecting the life and property of citizens?

These questions can be answered with four letters – CERT, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

In its first year in Delano, CERT is the only group of its kind in the Wright County area.

“I’d like to see other communities initiate CERT programs too,” said Wright County Emergency Coordinator Steve Berg. “All they need to do is call and get involved. It’s important to be prepared.”

A mock emergency was conducted June 10 at Central Park in Delano. CERT members responded to the scence of a mock tornado tragedy.

During the field training exercise, actors portrayed injured, trapped, and deceased victims, while CERT members put their training to use.

CERT members graduated from nine weeks of training June 17.

“It was a collaborative effort to get the CERT program going,” said Luke Fisher from the City of Delano. “But Bob Van Lith deserves the credit for getting it started, and Steve Berg from Wright County liked the idea and became involved, too.”


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