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Berries are ready for Dairy Berry Day set for Thursday

JUNE 22, 2009

Event begins at 7 p.m. in Bandstand Park, Dassel

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DASSEL, MN - The strawberries are picked and the ice cream is ready to be scooped for Thursday’s Dairy Berry Day in Dassel.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. in Bandstand Park near the railroad track’s in downtown Dassel.

Mid-West Concert Band will be performing a variety of music from show tunes to marches.

This year, there are about 20 members. Those attending can expect to see some familiar faces with a few of the members from Dassel including Sue Rootes, Shelly Grochow, and Marshall Carlsted.

The Dassel ambassadors and candidates wi serve ice cream with strawberries and root beer floats.

The berries are a “nice-looking crop” this year, said Karl Townsend, owner of Hillside Farm which donates the strawberries.

Because it has been a cool spring, the crop has ripened slowly, but was still ready for picking earlier than last year, he explained.

The last two weeks of June and the first week in July is typically the strawberry season for Hillside Farm, said Julie Townsend.

With the economy, the Townsends aren’t having trouble finding willing kids who want to work.

There were about 20 kids that helped pick the strawberries for Dairy Berry Day.

Dassel Co-op Dairy Association supplies the ice cream.

During last year’s Dairy Berry Day, about 40 five-gallon pails of ice cream were used and between the sundae’s and the floats, there were 300 servings, according to Dennis Danielson of Dassel Co-op.

The root beer for the floats is donated by A & W through Gary’s Family Foods.

There will be seven Dassel ambassador candidates serving this year as well as the current ambassadors, Tynelle Marschall and Erica Nelson.

Dairy Berry Day is just one of the many community service events and projects the Dassel ambassadors and candidates participate in each year.

There is a minimum of one service event a month, but the current royalty has been exceeded that with about three events a month. The candidates have as well with about two events a month, according to Mary Neu of the Dassel Ambassador program.

“Dairy Berry Day is such a great opportunity for the girls to meet community members and offer help,” Neu said, adding that community involvement and volunteering is the basis of the ambassador program.

Neu also noted the Dassel Ambassador Erica Nelson was one of the strawberry pickers this year.

Dassel Hillside Farm ready for picking

Strawberries are ready for picking at Dassel Hillside Farm, but it’s advised to call before hand for availability.

There is at typically a three-week window for purchasing the berries and the Townsends are expecting to be wrapping up around Friday, July 10.

To check for availability, call (320) 275-2622.


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