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Construction begins on water main project

JULY 13, 2009

Dassel Council to go forth with repair of railroad crossing

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DASSEL, MN - Business from Monday’s Dassel City Council meeting continued in a special meeting Wednesday to allow council members more time to look over a financial document regarding the 2009 water project.

After council members Bob Lalone and Pat Haapala had additional time to review a Public Facilities Authority (PFA) funding note for the 2009 drinking water project, the council passed the resolution Wednesday.

The resolution and note would allow $352,662 of the project to be financed through PFA at 1.283 percent over 20 years.

City Administrator Myles McGrath noted this was the same type of document approved in 2008, to fund the water tower project.

In addition to the water main project along Third Street, the council approved $60,000 in funding to replace the railroad crossing on Third Street.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe has agreed to pay 20 percent of the quoted cost of $75,000.

Mayor Mike Scanlon told the council he thought it was a good use of money, with council members Bob Wilde and Lalone agreeing.

It was noted that the Third Street crossing would then be like the Fourth Street crossing which was done a few years back, and paid for by the county.

As a side note, Wilde asked the council if signs could be put up along Highway 12 directing customers to access businesses along Third Street and Atlantic Avenue during construction.

City Engineer Chuck DeWolf, who was at Monday’s meeting, told the council the signs wouldn’t be a problem.

DeWolf added that installation of the new water mains along Third Street and Atlantic Avenue would only take a few days.

In the meantime, the construction crew would keep the roads open and businesses accessible.

The water main project will begin Monday, July 13, and take about six to seven weeks for completion depending on weather, according to DeWolf. Milling of the streets began Thursday.

County state aid trade

It was discussed at Monday’s meeting that the county was looking to trade .21 miles of county state aid highway that is within the city (one block of Atlantic Avenue from Third Street to Second Street), and one block of Second Street from Atlantic to Highway 12) in exchange for a bituminous overlay of 730th Avenue from Highway 12 to County Road 6 (approximately .5 miles).

During Wednesday’s meeting, the council decided to ask both Dassel Township and the county if it could instead have improvements done from the end of Fifth Street (near Summit Hills where the blacktop ends) to 240th Avenue.

It was noted that maintenance is already done by the city, and major repairs would continue to be done by the township.

Water tower update

DeWolf gave an update on the water tower, which is expected to be erected the third week in July.

Painters will come in early August and the filling and testing of the water will come soon after, according to DeWolf.

“We’re not looking at any problems with the schedule,” he said.

Also, during Monday’s meeting, the council also accepted a $10,900 quote from Quality Flow Systems Inc. for upgrading the pumps at the water treatment facility, which would be part of the PFA funding for the water tower.

Public hearing for wine license/ beer permit

The city council called for a public hearing, which has been set for Monday, Aug. 3 at 7 p.m., for consideration of an amendment to city ordinance Chapter 110 Alcoholic Beverages, and establishing a new section 110.30 Wine Licenses.

Pet licensing

During deputy Gordy Prochaska’s law enforcement report, he mentioned to the council about the number of animal complaints he has been receiving.

Administrator Myles McGrath urged pet owners to register their dogs through the City of Dassel, because dogs that aren’t licensed are taken to the pound.

Getting a dog out of the pound is more costly than a dog license, McGrath said, adding that pets are euthanized after seven days in the pound unclaimed.

The city requires pets to have their rabies shots before they can receive a license.

In other business

In other business, the council:

• decided not to act as a local board of review and instead have the county assessor continue with that process.

• decided to discuss fire truck bids at a workshop instead of the next city council meeting due to the mayor’s absence. The time is yet to be determined.


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