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Cookbooks for a cause

JUNE 22, 2009

Dassel Covenant has new cookbook for sale; ice cream social Fri., June 26

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DASSEL, MN - In honor of its 130th anniversary, Dassel Covenant Church has compiled a recipe book with both new and old recipes including traditional Swedish dishes.

The new cookbook is “in dedication to all of the women who have served the Lord in their own kitchens as well as the church kitchen,” as it reads in the dedication.

In 1978, the church first compiled a recipe book which not only included delicious homemade recipes, but a history of the church as well.

The book was done in celebration of its centennial year and was titled “Recipes and Reflections.

The church was born in 1979, and was made up of mostly Swedish immigrants.

Up until about 1917, the Swedish language was used in both worship and in the Sunday school setting. Then, the language started to die out a little at a time and service was given in English in the 1920s, according to church history.

By 1929, there was only one older Sunday school class that was taught in Swedish, and it was eventually phased out in the late 30s or early 40s.

Another cookbook was compiled for the church in 1993, with the “Covenant Sampler.

Instead of “reinventing the wheel,” the recipe committee chose to use all 870 of those recipes for their 2009 Covenant Sampler II, said Bonnie Eng, cookbook committee member and fundraising chair.

Also compiled in the Covenant Sampler II are about 125 recipes from the first recipe book, along with 130 (in honor of the 130th anniversary) new recipes, Eng explained.

All together, there are 1,100 recipes in the church’s new cookbook.

One thing that was sure to be included in the third edition was the song “Lyssna,” which is Swedish for “listen.”

Singing this song is a Christmas tradition at the Dassel Covenant Church.

“Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it,” Eng said.

Both the English and Swedish version are included in the cookbook.

Also an added bonus in the new cookbooks are the glossy pages, making them less susceptible to be damaged from spills, Eng said.

The new cookbook is also a way for the church mission group to raise money for upcoming mission trips to Mexico and Alaska, Eng said.

Every three years, the church sponsors a mission trip.

The last trip was in 2007, to Colonia Obrera, where nine people went to help build a Sunday school.

A team will return in 2010 to add a roof and windows and to conduct another vacation Bible school session for the community children, according to Eng.

In late July, a team of 20 will travel to a village two hours from Anchorage, AK to help with the construction and landscaping of a Bible college.

At this Bible college, natives of Alaska can earn degrees with an emphasis in Christian studies, according to Eng.

“It’s a great way to see Alaska and feel like you’re doing something good,” she said.

In March 2010, a missions team will work in Mexico.

There were 1,500 cookbooks ordered and are on sale at Latté Da Coffee Shop in Dassel, the church’s office, and The Grounds Coffee Shop in Cokato.

The cookbook committee included Sandy Ward, Marla Beckman, Arlene Beckman, Ava Flachmeyer, Corrine Hallquist, Nancy Olson, and Eng.

Ice cream social at Dassel Covenant Friday, June 26

To help promote the cookbook, the Dassel Covenant Church is hosting an ice cream social Friday, June 26 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Here, people can sample some of the desserts in the recipe book with a side of Bridgeman’s ice cream.

The recipe books will be on sale for $15.


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