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Annual appointments to various advisory groups made by council

January 26, 2009

Two incumbents not reappointed

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Appointments were made by the Delano City Council to the city’s various advisory committees and commissions after the regular city council meeting Tuesday night in a work session.

Two incumbents – Tim Falde of the water, light, and power commission and Paul Stansberry of the planning commission – did not receive reappointment to their respective commissions.

“We interviewed some great candidates, and we had some great commissioners that have done some good work for many years,” said Mayor Joe McDonald late last week, who called the appointment process a “conundrum” when there are new candidates looking to get involved and when incumbents want to stay on board at the same time.

“If we never put anyone in new, eventually good folks who wanted to get involved will realize that and not get involved,” McDonald said. “It’s always tough. It’s a good problem to have that we have great people in the community that want to be active in the building of this wonderful city.”

McDonald said years back, it was hard to find anyone interested in serving on the various boards and commissions.

“We’d like to thank Paul and Tim for their many years of great service and involvement in the community and helping steer Delano’s growth,” McDonald said. “We appreciate their good work. They performed their duties up and above the call of duty. The thought is to get some fresh eyes, some new folks involved within the community”

Delano Planning Commission

For the planning commission, the council did appoint two incumbents back to the group – Lars Impola and Leon Zeug, and new member John Beussman, who had previously served on the commission but had to resign due to job commitments.

In 2009, the planning commission will consist of Impola, Zeug, Beussman, Steve Williams, Jon Krieg, Dave Kennison, and Howard Glas. A new chairman will be named since Stansberry held that role.

Delano’s planning commission is comprised of seven members that meet the second Monday of each month.

The city council appoints the members that serve three-year terms. The commission prepares and maintains the city’s comprehensive plan.

They are also responsible for making recommendations to the council involving any plat approvals, zoning amendments, re-zonings, variances, appeals, special use permits, and other matters.

Water, light, and power commission

To replace Falde on the commission, the council appointed Jonathan Ness to the commission. Incumbent Bob Hutter was also reappointed.

In 2009, the commission will consist of Ness, Hutter, Larry Bartels, Sam Nelson, and Randy Keranen.

The Delano Municipal Utilities is a non-profit electric and water utility owned by the City of Delano and operated by the Delano Water, Light, and Power Commission.

The Water, Light, and Power Commission meets the third Monday of each month at the city hall.

Public safety commission

Two incumbents were appointed to the city’s public safety commission, including Craig Bodin and Russell Lewis. Newcomer Paul Schmidt was also appointed.

In 2009, the public safety committee will consist of Bodin, Lewis, Schmidt, Harlan Lewis, Don Krueger, James Anderson, and Cary Smith.

The public safety commission meetings take place six time a year on the last Monday of every other month in the conference room at city hall

Park and Recreation committee

Two were appointed to the park and recreation committee for 2009, including Chris Hart and Jean Kopp.

Seats held by Hart, Lori Shoultz, and Anders Sonnenburg expired at the end of last year.

In 2009, the committee will include Hart, Kopp, Mike Lindquist, Joe Schleper, Mary Ditty, and Heather Hanson.

“They (the city council) didn’t say why only they appointed two,” said assistant city administrator Brian Bloch. “They have talked in the past about maybe not having so many members on some committees.”

The park and recreation committee advises the city council on both long and short term park management and construction for the city.

Historic preservation committee

The council reappointed Jon Steinmetz to the historical preservation committee. A second seat held by Russel Johnson was not filled.

In 2009, the committee will consist of Steinmetz, Marla Frach, Brad Bruhn, Jason Thompson, and Robert Gruba.

Historic preservation meetings are every first Wednesday of the month in the board room at the Heritage Center, located at 140 Bridge Avenue East.


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