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Delano to face Hwy. 12 road closures for next four weeks
April 20, 2009

A number of smaller improvement projects also planned in Delano area

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Throughout the next four weeks, a small portion of Highway 12 in Delano under the railroad overpass will experience road closures while the railroad replaces the overpass.

Construction began in March, with a brief four-day roadway closure, and pile driving activities have continued since, according to the City of Delano.

Beginning today (Monday, April 20), the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Company anticipates road closures again as it prepares to replace the bridge.

The construction is taking place “under traffic,” meaning trains will continue to utilize the railroad throughout construction. This work is expected to be completed by the end of May.

An alternate route is being offered for traffic, from the west in the Montrose area, south on Highway 25 to CSAH 30, then east on CSAH 30 into Delano, and back onto Highway 12 near Dairy Queen.

Once complete, access will remain open through the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Starting Monday, July 6, the state-selected contractor will begin reconstruction of the utilities and roadways from the railroad overpass north past the Legion Club.

CSAH 17 road work south of Delano

A meeting recently took place between the Wright County Highway Department and the contractor to discuss the tentative schedule for work remaining on the reconstruction project south of Delano.

It is intended to close the road to through traffic and set up a detour the week of Monday, May 4, according to the highway department. Signs will be posted in advance of the closure date. Some work may begin the week prior.

“It will be detoured for three weeks or so,” commented Wright County Highway Engineer Wayne Fingalson.

Patching of some soft areas in the blacktop will take place after the road is closed. Placement of the top layer of blacktop will start the week of May 11, and last about four days.

After the paving is complete, the remaining work will be completed and includes driveways, pavement marking, topsoil shaping, and seeding. Weather permitting, it is intended to have all work completed by mid-June.

Number of road projects also set for Delano area

The Wright County Board awarded contracts for the county’s 2009 road overlay projects during Tuesday’s board meeting.

The low bidder was Knife River, with a total bid of $2,882,347. Fingalson said five good bids were received. The bids ranged from Knife River’s bid to a high bid of $3,428,504.The engineer’s estimate for the project was just over $3.4 million.

The specific projects covered by the bids include overlays on County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 8 from Highway 12 south of Waverly, CSAH 17, CSAH 30 in the Delano area, CSAH 32 north and west of Delano, County Road 139 on Delano’s eastern border, the east Maple Lake access, and the Waverly truck station.

Fingalson said CSAH 32 will be done between Highway 25 north of Montrose, east to Highway 55.

He said the plan calls for work to be started on CSAH 32 around June 22, and expects it to be done before the Fourth of July.

Fingalson said he’s hoping to work with the Minnesota Department of Transportation within the next 10 years to square the intersection of Highway 55 and CSAH 32 off and make it a safer intersection.

CSAH 139, locally-known as County Line Road, will also have work done this year from Highway 12 on Delano’s eastern border with Independence and Hennepin County, north to CSAH 17 near the Delano Sportsmen’s Club.

“That will be done under traffic,” Fingalson explained. “There will be some temporary delays.”

Since it a shared roadway, Hennepin County will be paying half the costs with the project.

CSAH 17 north of CSAH 30 in Delano, in the area of Farmington Avenue, will also have work done this summer, including the addition of shoulders to the roadway and other work.

Fingalson said most of the projects consist of removing the bituminous, getting into the gravel base, and mixing it in with the bituminous and doing resurfacing.

“If you just slap on bituminous, it’ll look nice for maybe a year, and then cracks come right through – it’s better to pay a little more to do the upfront work.”


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