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Township Roundup

Oct. 26, 2009

French Lake snowplowing sign-up
Residents of French Lake Township who would like snowplowing service can sign up now, Clerk Rosanne Peterson said.

The cost is $100 for the entire season, and the fee has to be paid in advance. Typically, about 30 to 40 residents choose to have this service.

Anyone who would like more information should contact Peterson at (320) 286-6163.

Stockholm finishes 82nd St. repair
The repair work on 82nd Street in Stockholm Township has been completed, for the most part, Clerk Diane Johnson said.

There hasn’t been any further discussion regarding the purchase of a new town hall, she said. The decision will be up to voters in March.

Dassel Twp. has road assessments
Assessments for 237th Street, 238th Street, and 727th Avenue in Dassel Township passed at the township’s public hearing Oct. 13, Clerk Karin Colberg said.

For 237th Street, which is a new road, the assessment is $2,625 per parcel of land. The resurfaced roads, 238th and 727th, were assessed at $959 per parcel of land.

Kingston to inventory road signs
At the Kingston Township meeting Oct. 6, officials decided that the township will take over road sign inventory, Clerk Gail Schiefelbein said.

Typically, Meeker County had replaced signs as needed, but this year the county is charging for the service. Kingston Township will take inventory of which signs need to be replaced, but Meeker County will still provide the signs.

Kingston Township will spray for wild parsnip this spring, Schiefelbein said.

“We haven’t done that before,” Schiefelbein said. “Since it’s so bad along the road ditches, we’re going to take care of it.”

Cokato Twp. prepares for snow
Cokato Township is getting the roads ready for snowplowing this winter, Clerk Brad Morris said.

About 35 residents usually sign up for snowplowing service. The deadline for this winter has passed, but residents can still sign up at a higher rate, Morris said.


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