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Frickstad and Marschall named Fine Arts Students of the Year

MAY 25, 2009

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DASSEL-COKATO, MN - Seniors James Frickstad and Tynelle Marschall are finishing their high school careers at Dassel-Cokato with the honor of being named the “Fine Arts Students of the Year.”

The students were honored during the April 25 Performing Arts Showcase, where they both received $500 scholarships.

Frickstad has been extensively involved in the high school fine arts program making him who he is today, he said.

“Being involved in fine arts has made me a better person . . . it’s really shaped who I am,” he said.

His involvement has included choir, band (marching and jazz), drumline, FFA, 4-H, one-act, and the fall musical.

Frickstad’s fall musical career included “Oliver,” “Oklahoma!,” “Into the Woods,” “Pirates of Penzance,” and the most recent, “Honk!”

He was a part of the one-act cast last year with “The Romancers,” and this year with “After Magritte.”

Frickstad really enjoys working with his fellow cast members and putting on a good show for the audience.

“It’s rewarding getting a response from the audience – that’s when all the work pays off,” he said.

The influence of fine arts throughout his high school career and his passion for music has led him to plan to major in music education and minor in theater at the University of Minnesota – Morris.

The one person who has impacted Frickstad the most has been his most recent theater director, Dave Metcalf.

“He’s the best,” Frickstad said.

Marschall has been equally involved in the fine arts throughout her high school career including choir, chamber choir, band, drumline, marching band, one-act play, and the fall musical.

For Marschall, being involved in the fine arts has been a lot of fun, and it’s also been a learning experience for her.

With each new experience, she said she would learn something new about herself, like a skill she didn’t know she had.

In the past, Marschall has had a lead role in fall musicals including “Honk!,” “Something’s Afoot,” and “Into the Woods.” This year, however, was the first lead role she performed in the one-act play, “After Magritte.”

“It was a lot more intimidating; I had to depend solely on acting, not singing,” she said.

Fine arts has had a great impact on Marschall.

“It has showed me how much I really care about [fine arts],” she said.

Next year, Marschall will be attending Bethel College, where she will be involved in theater and choir.

Recieving the fine arts award was a big honor for Marschall, “but I never would have done any fine arts to get an award,” she said.

“I do it because I love it, not for recognition,” she said, adding it’s nice the school recognizes those involved in fine arts.


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