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Franklin Twp. approves request from winery
July 13, 2009

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, MN – Offering more selection to its customers brought Woodland Hill Winery owner Mike Dickerman to the Franklin Township Board meeting July 6.

Dickerman received approval for an annual 3.2 malt liquor beverage license, and noted to the board his customers have approached the winery requesting another beverage choice other than wine. The license the winery held allowed 3.2 malt beverages, but stated it needed township approval.

The board asked if adding beer takes away from the winery, and Dickerman said he is simply trying to fulfill the wishes of their customers.

Township Supervisor Bill McMullen said he is not in favor of having the winery convert into a bar where one can stop and have a beer. He asked Dickerman what Wright County thinks of the idea, and Dickerman said the decision is up to the township.

McMullen asked what the timeline and needs are for the license, and Dickerman said a Germanfest is scheduled at the winery for Saturday, Aug. 22.

The township board approved Dickerman’s request to approve a license to sell 3.2 malt liquor for special events and festivals only with the understanding the township will review this in one year upon annual review of the malt liquor license, and that it meets all requirements and regulations of Wright County Planning and Zoning.

Township supervisor Mike Barfknecht was absent from the meeting.

Odds and ends

In other business, the township board:

• reviewed gravel/granite hauling, dustcoating, sealcoating, and bituminous projects from a budgetary standpoint.

It is estimated the township will be $2,700 over budget in gravel/granite. It was noted that dustcoating seems to be on track and may come in slightly under what was budgeted, and that sealcoating/bituminous is right on track for this year.

McMullen said the township has spent its annual budget for gravel and granite and doesn’t anticipate needing additional amounts this year. A discussion also took place about setting up a more precise process for next year’s tracking of all large budget items.

• noted railroad crossing arms are now scheduled for Davidson Avenue in 2010. It was noted there is a need to make a minor road change on the approach to 72nd Street to straighten it. This will be on the agenda to discuss at next month’s meeting.


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