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Township Roundup

Oct. 26, 2009

Middleville Twp. not plowing low-maintenance roads this winter
Middleville Township will not plow low-maintenance roads in the township this winter, Clerk Joey Berg said. The two roads that will be affected include Howe Avenue and the part of 5th Street that is west of County Road 5.

“With those roads, there’s not a lot of room to throw snow, and they don’t have good ditches,” Berg said.

At the Oct. 13 Middleville Township meeting, officials decided to raise snowplow rates to $30 per time, Berg said. Previously, the fee had been $20 per time.

Bergen Twp. road signs in place
At the Bergen Township meeting Oct. 8, officials discussed new road signs that McLeod County put up in Bergen Township, Clerk Amy Meyer said. The signs were installed throughout McLeod County this summer, and county officials are doing final verifications.

Bergen Township officials reviewed liability contracts and approved the 2010 contract for the fire department.

For the Zero Avenue road project, the township is installing markers on the culvert and removing silt fencing.

“We’re in the final stages of that project,” Meyer said.

Camden purchases new tractor
Camden Township recently purchased a new tractor for cutting ditches, board member Bruce Clark said. The Kubota tractor will replace the old tractor, which was from the 1970s.

The township also signed a contract regarding a pipeline to be installed underneath the roads, Clark said. Northern Natural Gas might do an open cutting of the roads rather than bore underneath them. For two years, the company will need to take care of road maintenance that arises as a result of the work.


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