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i Spa Nails adds upscale beauty to Delano

Oct. 19, 2009

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – When people walk out of i Spa Nails in Delano, owner Kim Duong wants them to feel refreshed and confident.

“I like making people happy,” Duong said.

She started i Spa Nails two weeks ago, and already, it’s a place people love to relax while receiving a variety of skin and nail treatments.

“When people leave, they look good and feel good,” Duong said.

The name “i Spa Nails” reflects the shop’s modern and upscale approach to beauty therapy.

“It’s short and up-to-date,” Duong said. The idea came from Doung’s daughter, Lily, 13, who thought it sounded like “i Pod.”

Duong also has another daughter, Savanah, 10. Duong said it’s too early to tell whether or not her girls will follow in her footsteps with the nail and spa business.

For Duong, doing nails has been a passion since 1995.

“I love my job,” said Duong, who worked in Long Lake before opening i Spa Nails.

She received her cosmetology license from Regency Beauty Institute in Blaine 15 years ago.

“I’m a girly-girl,” she said. “I like my nails painted and wearing dresses.”

She also enjoys art, and puts her painting skills to work on her client’s nails. One of her manicure choices involves liquid gel nails.

“Most salons don’t do that,” she said. “It takes more time and more skill.”

It’s worth the extra effort, though, Duong said.

“It’s very good for the nail. It’s gentle,” she said. “It lasts better and looks good.”

Another unique part about i Spa Nails is that customers get a hand massage with every service.

Doung’s spa has several high-end European-style services to choose from. Her deluxe manicure includes a hand soak in jasmine green tea treatment to refresh dull skin. Clients choose from a variety of nail options, such as glitter, acrylic, silk wrap, and airbrush, among others.

Doung’s favorite ways to do her nails are the French manicure or deep burgundy polish.

For pedicures, customers can enjoy a tension reflex foot and leg massage with hot stones, cooling gel, callous treatment, and more.

Duong also does facials, which include exfoliation and a mask to cleanse and tighten pores.

About 90 percent of Doung’s clients are women, but some men like to get basic manicures and pedicures, she said.

“The men nowadays take good care of their nails,” she said.

The most challenging part about starting i Spa Nails has been the uncertainty with the economy, Duong said.

“As you know, the economy is not good, but I’m taking a chance,” she said. “I work hard and I take responsibility in what I’m doing.”

Duong currently has four people employed at i Spa Nails, including herself. In the future, she would like to expand her services.

“Maybe I’ll offer body massages,” she said.

To learn more about i Spa Nails, call (763) 972-2279.


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